Favoritism – Just to jog some words into this lonely blog.

I’ve been very busy lately cause I’ve been called to make a part-time work for my former company for four days and since that day I’ve been thinking about this.

One of my colleagues saw the parcel I get from ImanShoppe and she asks me am I an avid reader? I said yes of course I am, and she asks me to lend her some books. I had like a week to think about whether to lend her some or not because you know, no one can take care my book more than myself, yes I have that kind of phobia when it comes to lend my book. Haha.

Since the book I just got was a collaboration for a honest review, I only can lend to her after finishing it so I just searching through my shelf another Iman Publication book and I got this Teme book I havent read yet and I guess that was the kind of book she’ll love to read.

Yes. It is the kind of book she like to read, only she have read all of Teme’s book. Ha ha ha. Never think that it’ll be that way. Sigh.

Then my mind has come to this, I have read more than one reviewers asking and urging readers to really read their recommended book. Not that I mad about it or whatever, its just that to think of, when it comes to favoritism I dont have that specific author or publication to think of.

I’m not that hooked from head to toe for an author nor a publication, like not the one to easily spend my money towards her/his other (if any) series of books. My kind of reading is just I’ll picked whatever suitable for my mental wellbeing at that time. Is it because im just being a picky person? Perhaps so. I’ll pick the next series entirely if and only if I like the first book. Then I’ll brag about it all over my instagram. There are such series that I discontinue because the book just not my kind of reading or simply because I’m attracted to other new releases book haha.

To sum of, favoritism towards author/publication is not my thing. I have a wide collection of them, and every single one of them has a place in my heart. To conclude, I just love all the books that I bought and certainly favorite them based on monthly read. 😀

Do you have the same way I feel? Well you are not alone now. 😊