Mini Book Review | The Girl With All The Gift & Aristokra Kronika Nashan

The Girl With All The Gift by M.R Carey

Published by Orbit, Paperback, 460 pages, English
Genre : Horror, Science, Post Apocalypse

I just cant stand how eager I am to unfold every pages. At time where I feel ‘okay, im finished of reading, I must stop’ but then you realize there’s gonna be another 3-7 pages before the next chapter so you be like ‘well… maybe just another pages’.
This book was so addicting and very seducing.

This book was a bestseller and consist of all the thrill and zombie apocalypse world that you can imagine, Im reading it because I’m rooting for it plot twist – always a plot twist hunter right? I remember reading its summary on PopClub magazine and I wanna give it a try.

The book’s cover was in yellow and it was pop out so brightly on the bookstore even when I walked in, omg look at that yellow book, mmm looks yummy as an egg yolk. I could eat it right away.

Goodreads Summary :
Melanie is a very special girl. Dr. Caldwell calls her “our little genius.”
Every morning, Melanie waits in her cell to be collected for class. When they come for her, Sergeant Parks keeps his gun pointing at her while two of his people strap her into the wheelchair. She thinks they don’t like her. She jokes that she won’t bite, but they don’t laugh.
Melanie loves school. She loves learning about spelling and sums and the world outside the classroom and the children’s cells. She tells her favorite teacher all the things she’ll do when she grows up. Melanie doesn’t know why this makes Miss Justineau look sad.

The Characters

We got Melanie, the innocent zombie, she thinks shes just a human like anyone else, but waits till she smell human sweat, roar she’ll be 360 dgree changes. But on this book, her behavior was close to vampire. A kind of new gene of zombie where you born out of zombie.
And we got Ms Justineau, the teacher and kind of Melanie’s crush. And we have the badass seargeant park and annoying Dr Caldwell.
So it was a journey of finding Melanies true self to be frank. But, with a catch of course. How can you survive the apocalypse world without being turns into a hungry living zombie?

The plot

It’s feeding you curiosity like sugarcoat all the chapter so you beg for more. I beg for it, and I admit it, I cant put this book down. It has a gap 10 pages on each chapter so it was easy to follow along. Thats also a great reason on how that book seducing the reader to read another chapter. It was so curiosity triggering. (beware its wickedness)
But.. but.. the plot twist actually was not so thrilling and yet it dizzy me, or because in each words I red I’ve prepare myself for any of its possibility. Its not that I have expect it before, it was a kind of plot twist that you never think will happen but not really a satisfactions ending. My reaction was like ‘Oh, thats it? :3 hurm..’

Im doubting recommend this as it does not leave any strong mark to me. Its just a book with nice writing style, i dont remember the character so much and it was like any zombie story with another ending twist. Its worth to read maybe for the twist? But if you expecting extreme enjoyment then I’ll rate this book ★★★☆☆
Aristokra Kronika Nashan by Ahmad Patria
Published by Penerbit X, Paperback, 384 Pages, Malay
Genre: High Fantasy Fiction
Also known as Kronika Nashan #1

First Malay novel for 2017 that I have give a try cause my facebook timeline had this post from PTS showing how best selling this book was. So from the cover I think it was a kind of fantasy genre and why not right?

Goodreads’s summary:



Sebuah negara kecil jauh ke utara Aurora, yang kini diperintah oleh Melyn ien Sarra iea Nashrain, puteri dan Aristokra yang terakhir. Daerah legenda dan mitos, paling gemilang antaranya adalah Spiara Bulwar, kisah epik yang menceritakan persahabatan pahlawan terbilang itu dengan Shilrung, serta pertarungan mereka menentang Krodra, gergasi samudera yang menggerunkan.


Dan kini pemerintahan Melyn diancam bahaya.


Sursis, pahlawan adi dan panglima gagah dari banjaran gunung jauh, mahu menakluki Nashan. Kehadiran Mori, kesatria misteri yang dikirim oleh Artakus, Lodra Perang Aurora, bakal mengubah segala-galanya. Namun, kehebatannya tidak dapat menandingi kegagahan Sursis, yang belum pernah tewas dalam pertempuran. Percaturan Merkia, wizra terulung yang menguasai magis tinggi, memberikan sinar harapan dalam usaha mereka menentang ancaman musuh. Namun, rahsia yang bakal menentukan takdir seluruh Nashan tersembunyi dalam legenda Spiara Bulwar. Firasat murni dan magis tinggi, persahabatan sejati dan pengkhianatan misteri, kesemuanya tergabung dalam perjuangan Melyn ien Sarra iea Nashrain, puteri Kushan yang pintar dan jelita, yang paling terkenal dengan hanya satu gelaran,



The Plot

To be frank, the plot perspective stories passed through from a character to a character, explaining what they do on their own time respectively. The first few chapters of the book told about Kushan’s princess struggle for being in her new throne despite her young age and her inexperience in war strategy.
What really caught my attention was on after few chapters when it finally into the world of a Bulwar myth stories (kinda happen before the Kushan’s princess was born). I was so touched by Bulwar fighting spirits for his beloved dad which a King and he is a Prince. But it has been told with stories of two Bulwar, exist at different eras but encounter the same Wizra. That Wizra help them through their battle towards forces of evil, and there was a dead, a dead of honor, and there was also a twist of another hero shall arise.
The dead story was so heartbreaking and that moment of suspense I feel like I’m fighting with them, cheering with them to never ever give up, telling them virtually and keep holding your faith and weeping with them in every tears.  I experience each of the characters life and it was so truly wonderful experience from this book. Living in my own fictional world eh? 
Definitely recommend for the weeping part and what I encounter at the end of the book make me wanna read the sequels even more. Its just come out from publisher titled Wizra.

Rating : ★★★☆☆