My Make Up Essential (Level : Beginner)

Hey guys, I know lot of you missing the way im raving on my blog, but since do not have much books to read lately and I hate to see my blog empty, lets for awhile, having some girly stuff on this pretty blog (eh? :P).

I’m a simple girl, the kind of girl who does not want to left out with this ‘basic’ stuff. We are not getting younger my dear friend, and it is quite essential to take care of our skin and also our appearance as people always judge, and it cant be help. Its our noble duty to make sure they judge us rightly, and in this term, the appearance of our face.

Since im gonna post about makeover (arent we talking bout makeup routine? Hmm, whatever), lets dig out a lil bit history on how improper I am before. I always come to work in a pale face, naked face with dry skin and my faces full of blackhead. That kind of ‘err, are you a living dead?’kind of impression that I usually get – or the thing that I usually think I get.

It was not just how people look at us but how we look at ourselves, with dry skins etc, I need to take care of myself, besides, there is no on can really take care ourselves besides our own.

So I began to experiment with some of my friend recommendation, I watch You Tube, research a bit and so far this is what my basic wear to improve the condition of my pale face (I have a pale skin btw, and yeah im look like a zombie especially when I just woke up in the morning – minus the skin scrapping).

After applying some basic skincare, toner and etc. First of all lets start with the face..

My Naked Face Base

For now, I do not use any primer and currently still gather information about the suitable one for my skin cause sometimes my face can be repelling my CC cream, so for now I try to reapply my CC cream by massaging it on my face a little bit longer to make sure it absorbs on my skin.

❥ Pure Beauty, Complexion Corrector CC Cream, Ivory, SPF30 PA++

What I love about this CC Cream is how it leave my face with dewy effect, its a product of korean which they like full coverage and glowing effect on their skin, just nice for a dry skin like me. The glowing effect was superb!

❥ Maybelline New York, Super BB Cushion, 02 Light

I read somewhere that the correct order in applying make up base is from cc cream > bb cushion/foundation. Compared to CC cream, I’ll just reapply from this step if I need a quick touch up cause it was more convenience than applying a cc cream.

Now Lets Add Some Colour

I’ve told you earlier that I have a pale naked skin colour, so I need a lil bit of colour on my face to make me appear more cheerful and sweet (please jangan muntah, lols).

❥Loreal Paris, Lucent Magique Cushion Glow Blush, Rose Affair

I need to ensure all the things that I put on my face does not makes my skin dehydrate, that is why I like a dewy effect finishing and avoid any powder based make up type. Not just this blusher moisturize my skin, but it also makes the blushing effect appear more natural so people think that I’m not putting myself too hard to appear nice, teehee.

❥ Wardah Blush On D

Oh, thats explain the brush inside, I thought this was an eyeshadow, hahaha, but I do put this thing on my eyelids, cause the sales person said you can apply this on your eyes. It has a nude color, which I like and I love especially on how it appears on my eyelids. :3 Ah, talking about Wardah, this brand originally from Indonesia made specially for muslimah, cause our wudhuk can be applied even though our face still on makeup. #wudhukfriendly it is. Cause it was made from natural ingredients and you do not need to remove your makeup before perform our ablution.

Do Not Ignore The Lips

❥ Maybelline New York, The Powder Mattes by Colorsensational, Toasted Brown MNU11

This is my first time applying this kind of colour on my lips, and I love it to the max!

❥ Loreal Paris, Glossy Lips, Roseate Delicacy

This was more into glossy lip balms, I really like on how it moisturize my lips and I always apply this on the go. Since matte a lil bit drier and I always stay indoor with air cond hanging above me, my lips always cracked itself, that is why this lip balm is essential to me, besides, its transparent. 😀

And I do not have a before after pictures cause I’m a shy person. :p

Q : Do you have same make up routine as me? Whats your favourite part?