Best of Running Man

If you ever arrived in this post thinking about what would be a good start episode to fan over Running Man im sorry to dissapoint you but this would be a kickstart for doing so.

Running Man is a Korean Variety Show that debuted almost 8 years before and I’ve been watching every episode of it since Family Outing. I’ve been a fan of Yu Jae Suk mcee skills and Jong Kook schema humor. Seeing them both in Running man really put me in excitement.

There is been so much up and down on this K-Show from passing around directors, Jong Ki and Gary left, when they bought So Min & Se Chan in as a permanent member. Slowly for me, this show has gain their own followers time to time.

Some of my friends stopped watching this when Gary left the show but I keep watching it as other reality show does not match with my cup of tea. As a fan who loves to watch this show there are several things that I thought make this show has its own uniqueness :

  1.   New member: So Min & Se Chan

My honest opinion about this two is they have their own pro and contrast, their addition to the team obviously formed a new kind of friendship and change slightly the role of each team member. Since Ji Hyo used to be the center of attention as the only female of the team, now she has So Min and they slowly develop into a sisterhood relationship. With the addition of Se Chan into the ally, he is kind of competing with Kwang Soo to get Jong Kook possesion but at the same time will do anything to backstab Jong Kook whenever they get the chance. Its also and addition to the betrayal team which a Haha’s special intelligence, combining the mischevious Kwang Soo & the daebak acting from Se Chan.

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2.  The Role of each member

As my observation since this day, I would love to label their role in Running Man with my point of view.

  • Yu Jae Seok : His awesome experience in mceeing make him super professional and he knows how to handle the official member and guest member through the show. Let us take an example when Haha’s turn to make his opening 10seconds (ep401) introduction line episode when he invited his mother (who have some time to get over the rules) and Jae Seok handling her like a professional by explaining politely that she should not do that.
  • Jong Kook: Well he is the toughest guy in this show and everyone seems to afraid of him that will do anything to backstabbing him if they dont desperately need to ally with him. He and Jae Seok keep nagging a lot but they do have a high sense of humor when it comes to entertaining the audience.source
  • Ji Hyo: Nowadays, Ji Hyo portraits as a mature sister who takes care of her younger sister which is So Min but also a very fierce woman in attacking another male member. She is so lucky every time and had a very charming role in the series.
  • Ji Suk Jin: Im sorry for this uncle, but his presence in the team potraits as a victim to sarcasm and funny jokes from the other member. He always been teased as the weakest member and the older member but I respect him for surviving this shows so long and this show will never be the same without him. Thank you Suk Jin for your roles.
  • Haha: Haha is likes a double agent member, can be strong in term of strategy, but in physically he is a total out. He is so funny and taken all the things seriously and put a bit of humor into it. He used to be a flirty guy and fangirling all over female guest before, but since he got married he really portrays an image of highly calculating strategy.
  • Kwang Soo: BZf6The most untrusted male member and had a lot of betrayal record before. He is famous for his enormous tallest in the show and for his skills in framing other with fictions story. But he is the dongsaeng of the RM family and all of them take care of him like an annoying little brother. He is indeed annoying but he his a family too.
  • Yang Se Chan: I heard he is a famous young comedian and I only know Se Chan from the RM shows, and his several first appearances as an official member do not satisfy me because of I’m unsure about his role in the show. But slowly he made his own progress and develop his own self in the show. Like for episode 405 for example, he had been given an important role and he nails it with the acting skills he had. I am very excited with the end and almost shock out how do Se Chan can ever pull it.
  • So Min: She is so cute, clumsy girl and very adorable.6c3a889580a45dbe63631a52ee26cb22 I love it when she ever paired with Kwang So as the two of them make a hilarious out of shame couple ever. She try so hard to be funny and for me that is so respectable as there are trillions other kshow out there but there is nothing like So Min.


Called me an old school but Running Man hardly make me disappoint compared to kdrama, they have new kind of directing perspective and I even fall in love hard with the nowadays episodes. The directing team makes a very good job of improving the RM shows so that it still have their place in the audience heart.

Trivia: What is Running Man episode release day of the week? and what do you think of Running Man episodes nowadays?