The Most Relaxing Storyline Games for Mobile

Playing Mobile Legend non stop can drain so much energy to both of your mental and physical exhaustion, that is what happening to me. Sigh. As my laptop doesnt really support video games I must turn into the most easiest and portable substitute which is my phone.

I miss playing all the video games with all their good story line, so then I began to search on Google Playstore anything that match what Im craving for. Hence, I found this one light games about how a Grandma handling a mini restaurant because her husband got sick, along with her dedication & struggle to the restaurant she met many people who have their own history background.

It was the most relaxing games for me, as it was actually an idle game, it also have a fun journey too by reading conversation between the grandma and her customer. Truly, everyone have their own struggle, and all of it was a heartwarming stories. This games makes me wanna establish my own cafe and getting engage with different people, ya know, just talk about whats good for them regarding how much they despise you. Haha. I really hooked by how grandma handling her situation with her customer and her sick husband.

Its a story about how food you make was actually more than that, a right food can bring so much nostalgic and so much emotion have been buried inside. Aww, my heart melt by reading all the beautiful words that happened on the conversation.

So if you were searching for a relaxing and do not need any rush I highly recommend you to play this. It has a very nice storyline, a kind of contemporary fiction injected with a little bit emotion (I think it can make you cry if you’re truly into it). Try it! 😀

Psst, it has a remarkable plot twist.

Do you have any relaxing game in mind? Please share with me. 😁