5 Books I’ve Read That Should Be Labelled 18+


ACOTAR & ACOMAF, Six of Crows Duology, Carry On, The Silkworm & Flawed

I realise I havent completely honest on my review. Okay guys, lets be prompt and kind of serious here. You all must notice that I have huge collection of yummilicious books that I’ve been raving along my post telling people how much I love the plots and the authors. But guys, here’s the ugly truth. I’ve not been telling you the entire true about what that book shall be about. What am trying to say is, if you are the kind of people who are sensitive with some issues then here are the list that you should have known before reading the book that I have recommend.

Note : I am a girl who love to read what others had recommended, and also most of my reference was from other side of the country, so the sensitivity does not been elaborate so much hence I’ve been reading the book without knowing whats its all about (plot hunter does not like the spoiler), but as a dedicated blogger towards all my reader that varies from 15-30 y/o girls then I find the need to address this sensitive issues. 



I love the story plot but this two books have 30% of sexual love making explicit. Like not suitable for underage kids. :3

2. Six of Crows Duology

No matter how much I enjoyed this book but I never meant to promote LGBT. This books contains not only brolove but a gay love as well. So please dear, read it on your own risk.

3. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

I should known this by the cover, that what kind of love story this book were. It was a gay love :3 It was a major twist of plot. And I choose to move one. I’m hoping not to encounter this kind of book again. Huhu

4. The Silkworm

This was a nasty mind blowing killing scene I ever read, it just so disgusting and if I imagine how its gonna be in motion pictures I may rate it 18+, contains unpleasant and disturbing imagination graphic.

Note : I’ve been watching Hallmark and when I watch this story I saw a girl died because turning into ice in a war movie. I really have a nightmare after that, it was the most disturbing scene I ever saw, and as a child it was too much for me.

5. Flawed

This book contains cruel graphic disturbing image as Celestine was being branded by a burning iron. It was a kind of a nightmare, and I think it was not suitable for under 18+, it was a very corrupt world and all the branded things adding the nightmares.

So there is it, if you wanna share books that you’ve read and contains disturbing image then feel free to share them on the comment below. Tq for reading.