Book Review | One Small Act Of Kindness by Lucy Dillon

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Its been a while since I review books, and 2016 gonna be lots of it. So here another book which I like to read while having my coffee or simply cuddle myself in my bed. A book which has its own strength.

Ever remember of that random kindness? Small act that changes many life. Its superb things to do right? Imagine how tiny things like using kind words instead of harass, even pour tea into your mate cup considers as kindness in islamic ways.
What drive me into the last page of this book is the curiousity about one lady who suffer memory lost, I need to know who she is. Apart from that it is just an ordinary book where problem faced by ordinary people – and that one amazing things to write.
Often we forgot who we are and often goes mad when everything turn worst. Everyone have their own struggle, but what matter the most how we imply and convert it in more productivity way. Yup, the you-know-you-need-to-do-something-to-fix-the-situation kind of story.


I’ll give 2.5/5 for this book. I expect far more emotional but it is kind of common kindness book. Hehe. 

Till then. ^^