Movie Review | Dr Strange

Its been a while since my last movie review so lets do this!

First impression
I know this movie gonna be awesome.
After watch
Yep, definitely awesome, no objection.

I love the idea of using astral projection as a super power. I’ve even made my own research in these natural things that actually every living person can project. Well, depends on your inner spirit. Lols.
Okay back to Dr Strange, the plot was good and I assure you’ll not stop laughing by the Marvel sense of humor.
For the value part, I manage to pull out several which are, trust your inner spirit and some things are meant to be so live your life to the fullest. Actually it contains many more, but to put it into words was not my forte. Am sorry for that. U need to watch it for yourself to experience the Atmos Dolby Sound.
The plot story are rather over forwarding, it happen too fast but it was kind of okay for me as like reading a one off book without any sequels after it. But yeah, you know Marvel, full of suprises.
Just dont forget to watch that mini trailer after credential part.
Rating : ⭐⭐⭐⭐