Young, Broke but Never Dumb

Yup the title can be overdramatic sometimes but I guess that’ll be explained how I’m coping with life now – being jobless.

Before this, every time I drive my car to the work, I’ll saw many stalls sell drinks (like milky tea that went viral) and I said again and again to myself – it will not be easy (being jobless) but as long you strive and get some things done, then you’ll be okay. 

Well – IT NEVER BEEN THAT EASY – Yes Im aware of it. 

Dealing with procrastinating and such but even that kind of stress happen, I still do what I love to do the most – reading. Only that who said reading can give you the fortune that you want? 🙂

Well thats gonna be another part of story, Alhamdulillah after keep pulling myself not to play video game too hard, I managed to complete my reading on several books and these were the updates : 


Kasyaf Ain by RAM (3/5)

There was still some hole that left uncovered in this book, and the sudden plot twist that I can say does not fit well with the ending, it was unexpected but maybe “okay”. But still a fast pace reading and I think those who fancy for RAM will find this book totally their taste, excluding me, never been a fan, and this is his first piece that I read. Not that I disliked the type of writing, its just a matter of dissatisfaction about how things settle down in this book. 

A Court of Frost & Starlight by SJM (ACOFAS) (3/5)

Well, an overview of this book for me like so-so, maybe it was the beginning that the next books in this series will be writing from different perspectives, maybe the other sisters (instead of Feyre). I’m a little discouraged after finding out how Feyre gonna be at the next book teaser including within this book. Hurm, but still, looking forward to the next book. 

Ruin & Rising by Leigh Bardugo (Grishaverse #3) (3/5)

When I finished this book, my heart eager to know about Nikolai. Damn handsome King of Scars will be my next reading – hope it will be all the different. 

The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo (5/5)

Book Review : The Night Tiger by Yangsze Choo

Then I made a late discover about Robert Galbraith fourth book of the Strikes series after finished watching the seven bloody good episodes on HBO. They were covering all the three books in that seven episodes and I’m gonna tell you, the first three episodes was my like.

Then I got the fourth ebook version I start to read it, so far that I knew it was a battle of inner relationship between Cormoran & Robin (his partner), also in a big view, it was a battle of who’ll survive first – the one who choose work over job, or the one who choose family over job. It was a very tense yet I must say a very complicated case they working on. Dealing also with their daily personal problem, it was that hard.

I feel Robin obligation and torn between the work she loves (and she work so hard about it) and her not happy marriage. I just want her to be free, but RG put her in a situation that she cant easily walk away, with her always search for problem husband. How can he let her cry over and over again? How can he said he save the marriage? YOU ARE **#%^**@&( NOT!

Read : Lethal White by Robert Galbraith on goodread.

I hate people telling woman what to do as like we dont know what to do. And that left me being grumpy. But I need to keep reading as will Robin and Cormoran be together? I know they have a little feeling to each other, always there every time in need, but will they? Despite how the world throws at them? Can they be a happy couple? Who did not have to get torn between job and family when you can have both?

Im &^&*%*^* hate Matthew for this. I hate this frustation and need to get over it fast!

Also, in spite all of that I meet a local book club in my area and I love it. despite practicing speaking my not so good English, this was a big opportunity that you havent been a good reader alone. Sometimes all you need is a good reading company. I’m not very shocked as mostly dominated by girls, cause girls love stuff like this, reading all day long. 

Our meeting (well we are just meet and greet and reading for one hour, lols) was held on the newly opened Sabah State Library, the collection were not that bad and the place still can very enlarge more. There are too many unused space, why not spare it for more table and sofas for the public. And it was a bit noisy for the children section, it was not a very convenient stay but you can always choose a better place like far from the children section for a silent and cozy reading. 

Well thats for now, I swear I have many ideas going on my mind and I’ll try really hard to get it all written, btw James Clear book (An Atomic Habit) was mindblowing!