Count The Blessings

Alhamdulillah summa Alhamdulillah, finally, its here, the glory of Holiday, 7 days of no headache results from draining energy working day. Yay. Did I tell you that I love the holiday so much? Although sometimes it makes me bored in doing nothing but staying at home. That doesnt mean I come out with a proper plan for my seven days holiday, I stick to my old routine: be lazy and follow the flow.

There are so many reasons for me to be depressed but there is countless more reason to be not and most of it about counting the blessing instead of the things we never will attain from the first place.

  • I have a proper new Baju Kurung this year

Finally, after two years using the same garment from previous year I have a proper tailored kurung this year. And that my friend is an achievement *winking*. Although the cost is quite high for a girl who abandoned her fabrics without sending them to tailor in two years respectively then this is clearly acceptable. Maybe next year I dont need any kurung after all, ha ha ha.

  • Seven days of holiday

Apart from my send-to-tailor achievement Alhamdulillah our company agree to close our business shortly for seven days for the Eid Fitr. We have long prepared since Kaamatan holiday which we substitute and extend into Eid Fitr holiday. So this is the long waited days of this year for me especially. I felt all the burden had been lifted up from me a bit and I really hope that this short break will restore my energy for the next working day (which will be next seven days, yayyyy).

  • Open House hunting

I’ve been planned with my fellow friend to visit any open house that welcomes us, just that maybe tomorrow I’ll ask them to come out with a list for our raya convoy. This convoy like a tradition every year between me and my secondary schoolmates. We are just that close to each other and really really enjoy when it time to spend times together.

  • Coming out with a proper plan and strategy for business

Well, that’s the problem with a business owner, our performance does not come that great this two months and I need to come with a plan to minimize the cost and boost our performance, but I decide to leave this matter aside until the next Wednesday. I hope I have a fresh idea, to begin with.

  • Sampul Raya

It has been last year when it struck me when a friend of mine giveaway her Sampul Raya to any children she meets during our visit to an open house. And she tell me this words that I keep in my mind till this day : I always bring Sampul Raya so that I can bring joy to this children.

Then I realize if we have a little bit of rezeki why not we share it right? Its a month of sharing the joy after all. Since that day I tell myself, if I have a little bit of fortune then I will share it for the sake of Allah. May Allah substitute it with far more blessed things. Ameen.

May you all have a blessing Eid Fitr with your family and beloved ones.