Last Week Recap | Hercule Poirot & The Tragic Incident

Last week was a super busy week ever but among the busiest week I found what I should cherish with. I may say it was a fruitful week and a wonderful one too.

Watching Murder on The Orient Express

I love mystery solving movies and this was a daboom. I dont expect the twist and it was a very sad twist, why they planned and did that was so touching. I almost cry but I didnt, I just rewatch the movies like three times already. Just to have the Sherlock vibes. Only it was Poirot.

My rating : 4.5/5

A Tragic Incident

I have encounter certain problem in our customer order process, the Pos Laju problem. Our supplier from peninsular Malaysi on Monday (12/2/18) and the item had arrived at Pos Laju KK on 10.30am at 15/2/18. As I went to collect the item on that evening they said the item was not processed yet and that leave my heart broken. So I decide to go on Plan B which resulting in overtime work until 10.30pm that night. I only reach my home on 12am and it was so exhausting. Alhamdulillah the problem solved but we lost a bit of cost on there thanks to Pos Laju services. Hmm.

Trusting & Managing Newly hired Staff

Weekend no weekend and gong xi no gong xi, our company involve in Karnival Belia held at Masjid Bandaraya from 16-18 Feb 2018. I cant attend cause I have family event on that 16 so I send out a member of our staff (newly hired) to sell cloths & merchandise at the event. It was a chaos to begin with as this is both me and him first time in handling such event (as before it was cover by different person).

I send the freshie almost all the things in our shop as I think it can be use later, haha, I feel like sending my own son into a camp, I just cant stop nagging on the day before the event, explaining this and that to the freshie.

For some of people, sending a freshie without guardian can be risky, yes it risk, but I plant this mindset on my mind, if I control his kind of solving problem and take that part (which forget the freshie and let me instead selling at the carnival) my staff will not develop themselves and that was the biggest disadvantages I have give to them.

Let them be, do mistakes, find their own solution, expect nothing and continue guide them from far. Thanks to technology, even in different place we can still communicate well. Alhamdulillah for the passing wonderful event.

I have so much things to say but just let stick to these three cause few that was so long and its exhausting, who’ll ever read it?

What was your most meaningful event from last week? & thanks for reading btw *wink*