The Month of My Reading Slump

Hello there, have a nice day my fellow readers. First, lemme check my Goodreads report for this month. Oh uh, nope. I dont have any read books. Ha ha ha. So whats up with me? The so called book blogger do not read anything – here the catch – I’m basically on a book holiday. Lols. Its mean reading slump. But…

  1. I actually reads some books, not that I dont read any. Hey being a book blogger of course you’ve got to fills your day with books right? So Eyqa, what actually the problem? Why you dont have any Goodreads Read Shelves marked for this month? 
  2. The truth is, I read so much books at one time. Ergh. I think thats the problem, I cant focus and if I planned to finish that book on that particular day – banging my head on table – I left it on my cousins house. Hahaha – This actually happened to Defy The Stars by Claudia Gray. Poor little thing, :'(
  3. And whenever I felt like wanna read other fiction books –  I grab the Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (and it was so classical and oh my it makes me hard to digest the content. Then again I slump.
  4. And whenever I felt wanna read also other fiction book instead of classic story, theres comes this dilemma that I felt I’ve been lacking in skills and thus I need to enhance it using by the only thing I’m good at. Which resulting into reading more of non fiction books to require the skill. But then my non fiction books was pack of facts, how can I even digest this?? Andeee. Then again I slump.
  5. So I go slump. Reflecting myself upon my book shelf, whether this children deserve to be love by a failing book blogger like me.
  6. But worry not, I found the solution.
  7. One book at a time. Yeah, thats gonna be it.

So what are you doing on your reading slump eras?


Sincerely me,

Panicked on book reading deficit.