Obsessed With Books

I’m obsessed with books. Yeah. Everytime I visit bookstore, I’ll bought at least one book. Tapi membaca dia, hurmm payah betul. *poker face. Not that kind of novel genre cinta, but mostly about thriller and how to improve self esteem kind of book.

But why? Why do I brought so much book but don’t have the will to finish reading it?

Well today, I found the reason why. This evening, me re~watch one movie from the past where I missed the beginning slots of the movies (ahh the real reason why I watch it back) entitled Pan’s Labyrinth. Do you ever watch it? Meheheh.

Well, the movie is about a girl who actually an underworld princess who reborn and at that time she must full-fill three tasks in order to come back to her real world. That was tiny little things about the movies, actually the main point was, the girl herself, she carries a lot of books with her that caught my attention (she’s been bought to bloody civil war in Spain, did I mention this movie is a Spanish movies?). Thus the book was not just any books, but fairy tales books.

So her mother said “you’re bit too old to read that kind of book’, and I was like : ‘Don’t worry girl, I know how it feel~’ *poker face. LOL.

In my point of view, the girl read a story that she’ll be facing in reality. Where fairy tales comes alive. She encounters fairies, faun, one-eyed monster like sort of things. Then she also given a book by the faun that guide her how to get through the task.

That’s how I remember why I really like library, book stores, bought books even without reading it (i mean without finishing it). Because just doing all of that, my heart feel a little satisfied and comfort. Like I feel there nothing to worry about, you’ve got something valuable, something new to be explore, some skills to be upgrade. Aha..sound so much like a game isn’t it? I didn’t get it on the first time, but now I am. ~ *smile goat* (Elder Scroll fanclub~! yay!)

However, I think too much about the books I bought recently and did not finished reading it yet. I mean, do our life just according what have written in the book? We also need experience right? Nowadays, with bad news all around I just afraid to walk outside house. Sad isn’t it?

But maybe someday I can walk out easily and safety without any worry. I just need to wait for the right time.

At the end, I still love books. Mini library still in the wish list. ^^



Hey guys, if you are reading this than you must know a lil tiny facts about this post, this was actually written by me on 21 January 2013 [original post]. Ha ha ha. I didnt know that I actually writes in english back then as the actual official month where I write in english was on June 2016. So here I am now, a newly establish book blogger with a lot  things to learn on this industries. Sometimes I feel that I need to rewind a few steps back in order to refresh the very first reason why I started.

Dont worry, I wont stop writing even I’m on my darkness side. Lols. 

Hey, I’ve been thinking to make a post about Things That I Love Within A Book and I need your help to share some of the things you love within a book and make you glued to the page till the end? Is it the plot twist? Romance? Curiousity? Be it anything and please surprise me. Your cooperation are so much needed and I thank you all in advance.