Book Review | The Muse by Jessie Burton

I’m out of words in reviewing this book, its not that this book does not caught my attention, but how good it left me wordless. I’ve been thinking to come back later after I found the right words to explain but I’m afraid that I’ll be forgetting how its actually make me feel, so this was written scratch from deep of my heart.

It was not entirely unease feeling or even satisfying, its kinda mix of both, floating on its very own space. The only group of words that I can give towards this book is how intimate and gripping story it have in features.

Publisher : Picador | Author : Jessie Burton | English | 464 Pages, Paperback | Genre : Hystorical, Fiction, Mystery

Rating : ★★★★☆

First Impression

I’ve been eyeing this book since it had been published. Not only because how lovely the cover is but how actually the summary was written. I’ve been locked into this book by the word ‘When a lost masterpiece arrives at the gallery.’. Its like reading mystery from some parts of history. This book is delicious in every chapter.

So What Was This Book All About?

Since I prefer to summarize the book in my own way you may read Goodreads summary over here. So, what actually this book was? Its a story happen between two eras, a lost tale about Olive Schloss and current state of Odelle Bastien. But there is a catch, they both kind of related to each other in a way that they never think of – by a mysterious paint.

Odelle Bastien

She love writing and been accepted into anart gallery named Skelton gallery in London by Marjorie Quick. Odelle love her new job, and the challenge begin when a chap she meet at a party stumble upon her office bring his piece of art. Then there is where the mystery begin, who behind the paint, what happen to the real painter, what story lies on the painting? And what is the chap real identity and what is his connection towards the paint.

Olive Schloss

She love to paint, but she’s young with a beautiful mother (but kinda mentally ill) and a father. They moved to spain because of war, and there she meet two Robles siblings who overturn her family in a devastating consequences.

How To Read This Book Without DNF it?

I know this was entirely as an option from the reader perspective, but Alhamdulillah luckily i did not DNF it because I was just so curious behind all the mystery hidden from the paint, the conflicts, the affair and all of it had comes together performing a fair ending to the book.

An ending where makes you think : Life goes on and there is nothing much you can do about what have passed, and some truth belong only to those who eager and brave enough to accept it.

Why you should read it?

If you happen to just have a light reading where you’ll still enjoy a bit of conflict without having to think about it to much then this is the book. A type of life must go on regarding the circumstances and how humanity could react to future planning depending on how their past was. Its like watching Cloud Atlas with a fair plot twist. I highly recommend if you like to read about art, personal affair, conflicts, war and perhaps a chance to overturn the wrongdoings.

Thats all from me, tell me what do you think of the book and of course have a blast Eid ul Fitr. <3