Of Leadership

Perfect – Cecelia Ahern

A moment of doubt.

Its been the fifth month of the year that I barely manage my team member. Its been an exhausting experience and it was so much differ in being just a manager and the executive director myself. – Just consider me a newly pointed High Lady of The Business Court. Haha.

I learn so much, but none of it were the key changing. Problem still unsolved by the theory I write. 

Changing, the world indeed changing frequently, as this generation, we are forced to change as a blink of an eye. And there is so much thing needs to be done in a very tight time. And the rapid thingy left me feel defeated, hence lead me towards procrastinate – like so often and so much.

Other executive director said that I need to read more about leadership books as they do not really satisfy on how I manage my team.

“Baca buku leadership yer bukan buku hantu.” grinning.

I never blame them with that perspective as I’m doubt myself too. There is indeed a problem within me, I am afraid to get things right when it had been conducted in a wrong way, being afraid to fight on what is actually right. Argh I’ll blaming too much introvert for this – tho I know that was not the core problem.

But then I gather myself up. Allah does not put me in this place without a reason.

There is none that know me like Allah does.

Guys, what do you do if you feel you are doubting yourself as a leader?