Segmen : Seorang Syed Nak Bloglist!

Oh hello, its been awhile since I join any segmen, so here’s one from a blogger friend that I know hosting a segment for his blog list. Well Syed, since I’m a bit sleepy but eager to join this segment so please consider my hard work and put me on your blog list now! Okay kidding, here is the ULTIMATE reason on why I should be on your blog list: 

  1. Because you already on my blog list, so I NEED to be on your blog list. Ha ha ha. (If people said mengungkit is a bad things but I thought this is the perfect time to do so.  )
  2. I can provide traffic to your blog – wait what? I just did not says that.
  3. I am an active blogger who speaks from her heart, people will love me. Eh, okays this seems misleading somehow.
  4. I need traffics and your blog seems to have bunches of traffic. Sorry for being selfish but thats the true. Who does not love your blog Syed?
  5. I need that RM10, to buy a book. :3

Please consider hard for the above reason, and as for reviewing you blog, lets see (stretching my hands a lil bit).

I found Syed’s post was too long to read (no offense), maybe because he himself is a talkative person. When reading his blog I felt like, yeah this guy writes everything from his mind, and its just something that you can casually enjoy reading without having to push all the facts in your head (tho actually I’ve scroll and scamming the pages till the bottom, ha ha ha). But what I like the most about his post, he had aesthetic of his own and he didnt even care on what other people will said, he speaks his mind, and for that I salute you.

I have no comment on his blog presentation cause he had his own vibes when it comes to blog design. Even the segment banner looks cool. 😀

So that is that Syed, I hope you enjoy my sleepy writing post. Haha.

Strange how people can do for a 10 ringgit notes.