Book Tag : 21 Questions and A Book Aint 1


Hello there, may you have a wonderful Ramadhan till this day. So I’ve been tagged by @theinfinity_words on IG but since I think this gonna be a long post therefore I decide to put it here! And tagged some of my reader to keep the circle go on and on πŸ˜‚

Thank you dear Fatina cause tagging me on this #21questionsandabookaint1. This makes me miss the good old day where me and some other cheerful bloggers been tagged like 5 and more people with like 100 different questions and we spend like two months to answers all the tags. Haha. Maybe I’ll reenact the moment with this little ‘introduction’ 😈.Okay kidding. Luckily this tags does not multiply and standalone. So lets start ~

🌻 Dream Vacation: I love seeing Rasya’s pictures about Japan and I hope I can go in vacation there sometimes and spend all the time mentadabbur alam. πŸ‚

🌻 Favourite Holiday: Raya, cause we have like 7 days to spend anywhere but works 🐱. Not that I hate my work but a little bit time without that headache day can be a treat.



🌻 Favourite Month: Ramadhan & Syawal 😍

🌻 Favourite Thing To Do: Reading books and discover some awesome stuff on the internet perhaps.

🌻 Favourite Thing To Do In A Spare Time: Ha ha ha, reading? And playing Boards KingπŸ€—

🌻 Favourite Movie: Harry Potter the series, The Conjuring, The Avengers

🌻 Favourite Band/Singer: Nothing in particular but I find I enjoy listening to Gary – Lonely Night for hours.

🌻 Favourite Color: Yellow, Rose Gold, Black, Gold and White🐏

🌻 Favourite Animal: πŸ“ and 🐱

🌻 Favourite Food: Fried Chicken and Sliced Cheese

🌻 Favourite Candy: Nothing in particular

🌻 Favourite Desert: Carrot Cakes, anything with chocolates

🌻 Favourite Soda: Cola Light πŸ€“

🌻 Favourite Ice Cream: Peanut Butter flavored πŸ˜†

🌻 Indoor/Outdoor: As an introvert I solemnly swore that I vote for Indoor.

🌻 Coffee/ Tea: Tea. You met afan of green tea here. But Americano also is my fave tea. Ehh?

🌻 Soup/ Salad: Urm. Both I guess.

🌻 Which Disney character would you be: Let just me be Sven.


🌻 How many times have you moved: Once. Like 20 years ago.

🌻 Something No One Knows About You: I have a voucher for RFC that I have no time to redeem it yet πŸ—.

Therefor I would love to tag my fellow readers and my new readers or whoever feels like to do this. Can I ask a favor to leave the link to your tags below so I can read and discover my readers lifestyle? Hehe. Thanks you so much!