Book Review | Hotel For The Lost by Suzanne Young

It was just so both paranormal and romantic, presenting as a first person perspective really does effect my kind of views.

This book told stories about how Audrey, broken heart girl and still grieving about her mother death was in a trip with her brother and father to her grandma’s house where she and her brother will spent the rest of their life by their abandoned father. Only when her father decide to spend the night on Hotel Ruby, her father become whole again, he began to shows that he care. 
Everything about Hotel Ruby makes Audrey feel alienated, uninvited party, his father behavior, the Ruby’s concierge, the magic pill that work on her but not anyone else. All that makes sense was her brother, a gentleman named Elias and her new friends among the Ruby’s staff member. But something just did not quite right, when she seeing.. ‘things’ πŸ‘» .
I was charmed on how this book was written, I was totally immersed by the plot, it was just so intimate, so relate. I could not stand that when Audrey found the terrible truth behind all of it. Its a paranormal story, so someone gonna played the ghost part right? It was just soooo heartbreaking. 😭
My two cents on how this story end was both heartbroken but also heartwarming. It was a bitter ending but with the right reason. No words can explain on how powerful effect it does to my emotion. My heart was sliced into pieces but satisfied and becoming whole again (yeah, imma a half vamp where heart naturally healed) at the same time. *crying of happiness + one night stand grinning*.
It reminds me of my favorite childhood movies “Tower of Terror”. This paranormal story shows how a person dealing with emotion, and be real to yourself. Embrace the truth even if its hurt. 

Rating : β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜†

I just hope that Young can make a sequels to this novel, which maybe what happen after the ending incident. That would be great!