Book Review | The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

#1 First book of 2017. Yeay! Im gonna seriously gonna read 99 for my 100 books a year, i just feel im on fire. Rawr.
Okay to the topic. For me The Girl on The Train was just okay. It had a plot twist but maybe all the violence, betrayal was drown and blind me with all the plot twist coolness. A kind of life that I didnt want to know, and didnt want to be part of. 
It was so full of misery, it was just so dark and creepy I can barely read it. But I must, cause im just one curios girl. 😀
Characters : This book features a character with total breakdown, so dark, so much misery, so depress and was so desperate that you can think of. It was written from three woman perspectives, the main character as an alcoholic woman who suffered with depression cant have babies of her own and her ex husband divorce to be with his mistress, then a woman that status change from mistress to a house wife and also another woman who played the third part of any dark secret betrayal that you can possibly imagine. 
The plot : The plot its just okay, it have this value where at the beginning you start to guessing the doer but yeah you actually does not guess it right till the end of the book. As for me, because of the darkness and full negativity on how this book was I began to suspect anyone and I’m not shocked on how the stories end – cause I just want it to end and also anyone can betray, and anyone can kill.

Does not meant you wont like it : Maybe it was because I’m reading a lot of mystery and thriller books so I began to catch up and put my own self on the author shoes by who I want to choose to be the doer. Or maybe I’m just a noob girl who does not know how plot twist was supposed to be, haha. Whatever it is, yeah if I dont like it, it does not meant that you wont like it too. It was a bestselling books afterwards and many people recommend it. 
But for me, 
Rating : β˜…β˜…β˜†β˜†β˜†
So do you already have first book on 2017? What it was or what’ll it gonna be? πŸ˜€