The nothing to loss theory

Assalamualaikum wbt fellas. 
Today’s posting is just about my random thoughts from a merest decision of my daily life.
Its been awhile since I start blogging again. I used to have an everyday-updated entries from my previous blog. As far I can say, it was not something I can be proud of. I love the excitement of studying new things without pressure, till now im constantly encourage myself to written well and putting the right facts in my post. 
My previous post on my previous blog was a mess, haha, tho there are still something to be learn but honestly it was way too far from benefits others.

Lately, im a bit shocked and very concern by the ideology problem in our country. I felt that i am called to stand for what that all this time i’ve been denied. Its time to get back to our itrah. My fitrah.
I am a girl who always trust in improvement (I have a draft post specially dedicated to improvement matter). I truly agree that little by little we will improve and tho it will not be perfect, but as long as we keep practice, in six months or year later we will thank our past self. 

I decide to contribute the least that I can.
Cause after all this time I have been denied what supposedly im living with. Let the other pieces of my life living for contributing to it.

Quick anecdote: I posted the same pictures on my Facebook Profile and tag both of my parent accounts, a day later, my dad was so excited seeing the Likes we get from or fellow friends, then he begin to visits the likers facebook account to like their eid mubarak photos. I ask him why he doing that? He said we need to recompense they ‘like’ so that they will not ‘unlike’ our photos afterwards. LOL.

Till then. Happy Eid Mubarak dear readers. 

And thank you so much for reading. ^^

*raders discretion are truly adviced* ๐Ÿ™‚