8 Things That I Cant Forget The Most About Guangzhou, China

We are just came back from Ghuangzhou China, a travel agency named Al Quds Travel manage it for us. And in Guangzhou we have tour Guide who can speak Indonesian called Ah Yew. So then, the journey begin.

Thats my dad, he’ll guide you along the picture.

1. The toilet

This one is a win. They dont provide any water hose in the toilet. So when you are malaysian – no water hos – kind of nak buang air besaq of story, istinjak la jawab nyer. Teehee. We always carry water bottle, tissues and some wet tissue just in case. 😊

I am actually a cat hunter. All the cat I found here was so chubby and healthy but shy.

2. The plug

Same as manila, philippines. You need to bring the adapter to support malaysian plugs.

3. The city

Was super huge. Note that I havent do any research regarding ghuangzhou, then let be honest, if you have been growing up with classic chinese story, Im expecting far more garden scenery view. But it was not. Hahaha.

Got Halal Restaurant Here
Infront of Saad Bin Abu Waqas Mosque

Modern, tunnel, bricks and layered of flyover everywhere. Modernisation.

But there were also some place that I enjoy the localic scenery ^^. Am having this question in the morning, am I wake up in Korea or Shanghai (havent notice I am actually at Ghuang Zhou – daydreamer me)

Thats the hotel lobby. My sandal wreck while breakfast so I need to use dad’s slipper instead, trust me, I am a very too reckless girl. Haha.
The road to Saad bin Abu Wqqas Tomb. Yay I’ve got my new shoes. It have two inches shoe soles, so yeah. I’m taller!

4. The Public Transport

They were bicycle almost everywhere, didnt have time/guts to ask our guide tour about how they rent bicycle here. But it seems like a public bicycle, ready to be used by any of the citizen.

Dad trying the bus, the driver was below and we actually upstairs. Haha.

5. The Mall & Things

Tho our tour guide brought us to the expensive malls on the first day, the last day was a blast when it comes to shopping.

Quite expensive souvenirs shop. :3

We’ve got our selves into some clothes mall, all full of cloth with super nice price. The kind of chinese hipster style clothing. And then the second towards a leather world with affordable prices. Its saddened me that we just have like three hours for both places, I wish we can have more time at that moment. 🙁

The affordable garment, about 120Yuan per pcs

If you are looking for some souvenirs to be taken home such as magnetic fridge, we lower price w’ve got form that place I cant remember was 5Yuan/pcs ( the souvenirs shop I show above sell the exact same pcs of magnetic fridge with 19Yuan/pcs, ergh, thats high). I cant remember most of the shopping mall but it was huge and we does not have time to visit all the shopping places, sight. 🙁

6. The people

Most of the chinese who talks ‘malay’ are using indonesian slang. And we actually bump into other malaysian group here a lot.

Some Jinxiang Turkish Chinese Muslim selling snacks in front of Abu Wqqas Mosque


Huaisheng Mosque also have a small muslims neighbourhood, you can get many halal item nearby it. Just like this guy here selling halal kebab.

The citizen talk in chinese and communicating with them in english was kind of hard. I should study mandarin just in case (but my fellow tour mate said that they are using fokkein languange – kind of local accent I think).

Second from left named Jamilah, a chinese muslim, and the middle is Daniel, the manager of Guangzhou ocean and the gathering Jewelry Co.,Ltd. They sell quality jewelry at a very special price. If you have the time to visit please do! And never forget to negotiate hard and tell them in the eyes you are a serius buyer.

We also found some muslims chinese along the way, its everywhere, I think the only problem is how to go there. We used bus from the travel agency so I cant really figured out how they travel using public transport.

7. The blocked sites.

I was wrong when it come to social media. I tot that instagram was permitted but it was not. 😅 so no update for the couple of days.

Other blocked sites that I know : Facebook, Google Chrome, Gmail, Instagram, WordPress, Disqus, Telegram.

Other permittable sites that I know :

Whatsapp, Wechat & Vivo’s internet browser are doing fine. Including Bing.

They are actually ways to use those blocked apps even when you in China. Like using vpn if im not wrong where you using outside server to get into the blocked sites (didnt further my study on this)

8. The food

Ahah! Here’s about some halal’s chinese cuisine, it have this herbs was cook together in the dish that when you eat it, the feel like having a slice of small pint of mint that bursting in your mouth and left your tongue go numb. It was not a good feeling to experience so as it cut down my appetite, but it was indeed an interesting sensation.

At ShahKaher Restaurant

So thats what the 8 things I cant forget during my visit, now I can go for solo travel there. But first, lets learn mandarin. 😀

So, hows your weekend going?