Book Review | Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Remember, it’s only a game.


I have so much fun reading this book, well Eyqa, stating only by ‘fun’ does not make they trust your judgment towards the book, you need to define how actually fun is fun.

So, readers, I think I’m gonna make you buy this book.  And yeah, this was a spoiler free so do not hesitate to scroll down. I got you back plot twist hunter. *double winking*

First impression & Synopsis

The cover artwork was amazing for me. It’s like a mysterious fiesta or something, I love the sparkle blue thingy that looks like this fiesta was made by magic. Totally reflect how the content gonna be. Just one tiny bit lacking off, maybe the quality or what but actually its cover was annoying as it tends to curl up. It bothers me while taking the photos but luckily the inner cover was as good as the outside so it heals me a bit for the cover quality part. :3

This book is a story about a girl name Scarlett Dragna, who loves her sisters and hate their cruel father. Grow with a childhood story told by her grandma about a magical show named Caraval. After 7 years sending letters to the Caraval’s master then finally The Caraval send the invitation tickets both for her and her sister and also her fiancee. Torn between engagement that she think can save her and her sister from their father and the longing to be in Caraval herself – she embarks a surprising adventurous journey to save her sister, of course, she was going to Caraval right? duhhh.

The Plot

It was a very fresh plot, so much circumstances, so much conflict, romance, mystery and thrilling adventures.

The synopsis state Master of Caraval so Im expecting mystery from this so called master. And the character was so glamor with it. Uuuuuh. I do love this kind of mystery, where you eager to know who behind all of those mastermind plan, the kind of character that leaving you with all the unanswered questions like what actually the connection? Do they have a tribble past? Why actually they behave like that? Etc.

Seriously say, if the plot on this first book was so this mindblown then what can I expect from the next series?

The plot actually already state how the story goes by its tagline ‘remember it was only a game’, just it happen to be the reader will serve by how far can this game go? The climax was surprisingly satisfied me.

The characters

The character was also liveable. Like that real person who happens to have their own background was put into this story, and every decision they make was literally because of how their experience with their surrounding. For example, the main character, Scarlett was indeed is an introvert, make me think omg if im staying home for so long im gonna turn just like her. I meant she was reckless with her decision because her only weapon was her not so much experience in watching her cruel father treat others. She such a darling actually and quite more innocent. She had a terrible social life that I can’t argue.

Julian – was reflected as a masculine person who possesses a good body and handsome face (Im  imagine him like Thomas of The Maze Runner), but he was also indeed a mysterious person. No uh, aint gonna spoilt the good part here.

There are also few characters that I’m so suspicious because you know as a fan of mystery solving kind of book I love to play my search-the-doer game and it really well played in this book. I meant, its hard to guess who the doer and luckily I’m not an easy to surrender gal, am the girl with curiosity burning now.

Other few characters really supporting the important characters and I would love to see how actually the world building go, getting deeper into the world of Caraval on the next series (Claudy told me it will publish on next year).


Yes! Of course, I will. Why? If you love surprises and search-the-doer plot stories then this was actually the book. This book has relatable main character who also an introvert herself, yummilicious hero (lols, sorry), the mysterious Legend and the plot itself will entertain your brain to the max.


I have no objection to giving ★★★★★ to this book. Looking forward to the next series.

What was the last book you give 5 stars rating?