3 Lazy Photography Tips for Book Blogger

Hello there people of earth, long time no see and I wish you all to have a good day.

Alhamdulillah due to our recent election I got the chance to enjoy a little time of my own with my own books these three days. To think with, the book I red was already popular among the reader so I decide not to make a review for it but of course as a book photographer I would love to share my works with you. And i’ve been thinking to include some tips? Why not eh (Hagrid accent)

Grab your coffee and help yourself :

1. Props

I love flowers, its take me a while to use props because whenever I shoot my pictures with props its getting worsen like it didnt need to be there. My advice is, never stop looking at beautiful things, this may develop the master of arranging props in you.

The main key to having your picture stand out even though your only subject is the book itself is to capture the most interesting side of the book. I mean not everyone will notice the quote behind, or the golden emboss printed had been using on the book side. Help them see, help them focus and realize that all the tiny details had been there the whole time.

2. Sunshine and shadow
Light is a very important aspect when it comes to photographing books. I spend years and still learning how to get the correct white balance. If you realize, not all of my books were taken on the same time, so it’ll have a little different when it comes to white balance.

The pictures above was taken on the same time area but still the most left one a bit bluer because I edited these picture individually, thats the problem when editing it using mobile, its hard to maintain the white balance. Please edit it using Adobe Lighroom, dont be lazy like me. 😛

You dont want your picture appear to be more yellowish or bluer on your audience eye, I prefer it to be genuine white (well of course white had so many types but any type of white will do). And also u dont want your picture to be overexposed. Try balance it, just nice colour to the eye. Try to captures several pictures on the same time area, this will maintain your picture color tones.

Below is the result of capturing on the same time area, adjust the brightness approximately same for each of the picture to have a maintain color tones.

3. Platform dependent

The first thing you must remember when taking a picture is where will you put your picture at? Is in on blog? Intstagram? or Pinterest. After uploading my new blog theme I realize that I need to think a little step forward when taking my pictures. Some of the pictures look nice on Pinterest but will cut or shrink out whenever they uploaded to other socmed such as Facebook or the homepage corousel. I think it is best to have four to three different pictures taken from different perceptions in the same post so it can fill the social media need.

I still learning about what is the best ratio of images to be used in wordpress so it appears ‘delicious’ both in thumbnails and post. I’ll update you sooner if I get the answer.

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Q : What do you think of tips? Will it help you improve your photography skills?

Please, if you have more questions about this do not hesitate to drop me one below. Thank you for reading ^^