Mystery Box Giveaway 2016 Winner!

Hey gais, finally the hectic of the week is over, now I have some time to update, I must apologize for not posting the winner yasternight as i’m struggling with my flu so I have to retreat early for a better today – hee, dramatic queen.

Okay guys, as you may reckon that I’ve been throwing some giveaway last two weeks, and here are the participant listed. 

1. Syazwani14Cats
2. Syuha Zulkifli
3. Hazrina Halim
4. Shahida Halim
5. Noor Akma
6. Nufaz
7. Julie Nida
8. Liyana Jasmi
9. Nor Nazliana
10. Unnie Anje
11. Noor Najwa
12. Razanah Anis
13. Zafirah Nazri
14. The Fade
15. Fatin

Honestly, its been so much fun to read your eagerness in your blog post and obviously I have hard time to choose the luckiest one. After checking whether they fulfil the terms given, a lot of reading, hereby I announce the lucky winner for my Mystery Giveaway for 2016 is, jeng jeng jeng:

Congratulation girl, you just receive a mystery giveaway box from Dewi! 
Kindly send me your address, full name and phone number to my email ([email protected]). InsyaAllah I’ll be posting the mystery box before end of December perhaps? Its a mystery box, so you shouldnt have know when it will arrive at your front door. Hehe. 
To all my participant, thank you for joining my giveaway, I’ve been so entertaining reading your post especially Nufaz for her long post and also I enjoy Razana bigbook project on how a chicken can fly. Most of all, 15 of you are the best, fret not, I’ll be throwing again more giveaway on 2017, hehe, thanks to all of you and have a great weekend. ^^