Radio’s Drama Review | Seteguh Kasih Ramadan

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Hi blessed people, may you have a wonderful Ramadan. Lets strive for the remaining Ramadan shall we? ^^
Okay, now the title. Who else follows this drama? Alhamdulillah on this very Ramadan, my boss give me permission to leave early from work as long as I came early in the morning and get all the stuff done before leaving. Usually I leave office at 4pm, during my journey-to-the-home and a lil bit weary from office, traffic jammed is the least thing I wanna face.
But Alhamdulillah, Allah still lend me strength and that is how I became a loyal listener for this drama. 
This drama airing every weekdays at 4.15pm in the evening. Its stuffed with so much ibrah, and ‘Seteguh Kasih Ramadan’ is the most suitable title for this drama story line.

Seteguh Kasih Ramadan follow the story of Azman, an Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM) volunteer. He is a self employed businessman, but his business face problem and goes bankrupt. His wife, Darina feels exhausted and weary and no longer can stand her husband condition, she began to stay away from home to find peace only to found she have feeling for other man.
Leaving her two child behind in Azman care, Azman decide to move to his hometown. There he found his childhood lover, Sakinah and began to have feeling for her since her husband passed away because of disability condition.

What I love about this drama is, we always know that all people seek happiness in their life but not all people can attain it, and people always dont like to goes all the hardship, but all of us gonna face it in any form of it.
There are so many ibrah in this drama varies from mothers love, parenting values, putting your trust into Allah, and waiting with patient and make yourself fully obedient towards Allah SWT.
A must hear story that are easy to digest, delivered creatively and strong enough to ‘tarbiyah-terpaksa-sentap’ effects.
Lastly, there is not too late to follow one last episode tomorrow (1 July 2016, 4.15pm) which also the last day airing for Seteguh Kasih Ramadan at radio 
I’m eager to know what’ll happen to Azman, Sakinah and Darina, last that I hear this evening,  Sakinah make her istikharah prayer to find guidance from Allah whether she need tp marry Azman or not. A huge sacrifices there, but its all gonna be clear as crystal tomorrow. 
I usually post every Friday, but since tomorrow is special occassion then I’ll up this today.
Read you later people and happy fasting. :3