Difference Between Quotation, Invoice and Delivery Order

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Sounds important, right? In the business world, or when you are offering people service or simply just selling goods, these three items are crucial to smoothing your service. It is also crucial to know which is which and not confuse them to appear more professional.
So, what exactly are these three important things?
Quotation, a.k.a sebut harga: This is a list of items or services and their respective prices you’ll give to your customer or client. This is often to initiate a service for a potential individual or group. Usually when you are quoting the price, the payment part are not included yet as in this phase the price of your services and items can still be negotiated until both parties agree.
Invoice, a.k.a. Invois: This is the final phase of the negotiation and the beginning of your service to deliver the items. Once both sides agree, the seller or service provider will provide an invoice along with the service or items and payment information. The company is also able to include some notes in the footer such as their estimated delivery times and other related terms. This is to ensure both parties are aware the things they agree upon.
Example of Invoice Template
Delivery Order a.k.a Penghantaran Tempahan: This will be issues when you are able to deliver the products to the customer. It should include how many boxes or parcels during delivery and the quantity of the purchased items.
It is crucial to double, triple check kuantiti barang before deliver items to customers, sebab kos penghantaran memakan kos yang sangat tinggi dari segi kaching$ dan juga masa.
Make your own quotation, invoice, delivery order and more with this customizable template: