Book Talk : The DNF Thingy

I know that this was then a very confusing yet stressable matter. Not just in term of fortune spended or time consuming and turn out that the book was not actually like what we wanted.

Did Not Finished (DNF)

We all been there before, at least once where we happen to expect so much within a book.

I’ve been in a position to make a second choice for a DNF book and Im proud of it! It turn out so well.

Lesson learned by not to judge the entire book from its early chapters.

I’ve been in a position where I did not want to dnf a book cause I’ve been expecting so much from it.

I’ve been thinking and its need to be said. Honestly I didnt read the whole last book series and like just scanning the pages because I feel so dumb to be ‘tricked’ by a book.

Maybe because before that I’ve been reading some really good materials (it cant be help to compare) and i’ve been adjusted in my head that this was the kind of plot where people should benchmark. Like a good choices of words, arrangement of the plot to not leaving you cliff hanging, character development to inject a lil bit emotion that kind of things.

With these kind of books makes it hard for me to accept other books that does not achieve my benchmarking expectation. Its leave me a whole in the heart like what was this book written for?

For a secs I think I would like to discuss this one particular book later on how much it uplift my expectation and break it into pieces in reality. It was kind of overrated book, the comments on goodreads on that particular book highly sugarcoat the real flaws.

I hope that if I ever release the discussion may it benefits both of sides.

I dont hate that book but I dont love it neither. (see how I risen the conflict here? lols)

Think Before DNF a BOOK

Most of my fellow bookish friends rely on the plot to keep reading the book as what I preferring also. Cause different person may have different perspective towards a book.

Recently I’ve been lucky to participate a book discussion of Tenggelamnya Kapal Van Der Wick in twitter host by twt_buku. It was a knowledgeable discussion and from the discussion itself I learn so much things. Thanks Afifah Adnan for introducing @twt_buku by her blog on the first place. Okay ini iklan. 

I think whether to choose to DNF a book or not its been a big decision especially in term of times and fortune from the buyer perspective. In term of a reviewer, at least state the reason why. I learn my lesson especially from The History of Hilary Hambrushina, how it was a very childish story turn out to be extremely strong character.

From the author perspective lets not forget the time they put on that books, the struggle and the research they took so much for that particular book. You’ve done a great job and there is always a way to improve even better.

Question : What is your opinion about DNF-ing a book?