Book Review ft Fatina | A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray

Hello gais, have a nice day of course, so this is my first collaboration blog post and of course its gonna be about books. Hehe, remember that book I’ve been underestimated? I mentioned it here, and turn out that unlucky book was A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray.
Publisher : Harper Teen | Author : Claudia Gray | English | 360 Pages | Goodreads | Genre : Sci fi, Romance, Young Adult
After read this book im actually fall in love with her writing style and how she deliver the story, but im kinda bored reviewing books alone. So today im inviting my blog blogger friends forever (bbff) Fatina along to do the book review thingy since she have a very clear perspective towards a book and also she read the same book on the same time with me.
Frankly, how this post gonna be I’ll interview her opinion regarding the book and of course we are gonna fangirling about it together. Hehe.
Fatina is a well known book blogger among us, she love cats, have a keen lifestyle writing and also a fangirl of ACOMAF just like me. She blogs on Fatina Mdzfr.

Here’s from Fatina herself,

  1. Why you pickup the book on the first place? Are you familiar with the author? 

I just picked this book out of curiosity as to know what is this all about and yeah, I know nothing about it as I did not read the review before picking this up and I am not familiar with this author but it seems that, she is my favourite author now!

  1. How well do you like the story plot?

The story plot is all on point and it’s wonderful! It flows perfectly that I’m itching to get to know what happens next, what made it all this happen, who is behind all of this. Goodness, the plot line is all makes me as a reader keep on wanting to know more. Claudia Gray definitely makes this beyond amazing!

  1. What are the strength/weakness of the main character that you would like to point out?

I’m going to point Marguerite’s weakness, which is when she couldn’t even decide which Paul she in love with. (err, is this even consider as weakness?)

Well, anyways that’s what I figure but one thing I really like about her – her strength, I mean, she has a strong character know what she wants, which she is super freaking stubborn in a good way to make everything completely working out as what she wants it to be.

  1. Since love triangle exist in this book, so #teamPaul or #teamTheo? And whyyyy? *fangirl mode activate*

Aha! I really love this question! It’s time to fangirl together on this matter! Hehe Anyways, I am on #teamPaul! I don’t know why I love Paul more than Theo, maybe because his quietness has make him into a charming guy, seeing him doing everything for Marguerite and her family really makes my heart melt. Can I have him in real life, please?

As for Theo, well he is a good guy; protect her but because there are two version of him, so that makes a bit odd since there’s not so much of interaction between the real Theo and Marguerite.

  1. If you possess the Firebird, describe your most anticipate dimension that you’ll visit for. 

Aha! Another question that I love! If I am get to have the Firebird, I would like to visit the future me because I want to see how the future looks like, is it I’m going to be in the same family again? Am I going to be the way I am, right now? The most important thing is that I would like to see how our planet looks like in the future and how the technology has move beyond advance what we have right now.

I’m hoping it to be like what and how it happen in the beginning of the chapter where London takes place in the future with the hologram technology and more.

Notes for readers : Firebird is a tools that will make you jump to another dimension of yourself, puff, mind blowing, how cool is that? – Eyqa

  1. Your rating and will you recommend this book to the reader?

5 out of 5 star because it is awesome! Mind-blowing! My goodness, no words could describe how amazing this book is and definitely, I will recommend to this every one, by saying that I’m going to influence everyone to read this! Hehe 😀

  1. Rolling up your review about the book. 😀

I won’t review it long here, so don’t worry. I will make it short but in a convincing way (I’ll try, somehow ;p).

Anyways, this books contains a lot of amazing things beyond your mundane mind would ever think of. Every dimension all the characters been to is just incredibly beyond our imagination, it feels like it’s hard to grasp even a minute when they change one after another dimension they visit to and you will keep on wondering what/how it actually feels to be in their shoes. Would it be great to see you, you in that dimension? Would you like it? Those questions will pop up on your mind along the way with curiosity what will happen next. It also includes the plot twist it has in there and all the lively characters and family relationship is just what I love more about this book. That’s makes this book works wonderful!

Anyway, thank you Eyqa for doing this amazing interview!

Quick Note :

You also can read Fatina’s full review on her blog [here].