9 Bullets On What Have and What Will Happen

Hello guys, its weekend Alhamdulillah. May all of you have a very great weekend. The weekdays was hectic right? Yeah I feel you, but that doesnt meant we dont deserve a great weekend right? ^^ #TGIW then.

 1. I’ve been lately thinking who am I gonna be if I’m not a graphic designer, just imagine what would I be if there is another dimension of me? (Firebird’s influence).
You know, at primary school we all have that What You Gonna Be When You Grow Up Sessions with our teacher, and because this may be the only occupation that I know ever exist, then I choose to be a teacher. My parents also both are teachers.
The thing is I’m not so good in handling little creatures, im an introvert and the only child of the family, so having siblings was actually peculiar to me. Haha, tho I always wanted a little sisters or brothers before but hey that what Allah’s planned to me. Me and other children – was beyond imagination. I always make other child cries. I dont know why.
2. As I’m mentioned here, I’m currently having a book diet, therefore I’m gonna just buy around 3 books for this months. As I’m actually saving myself some yen to go to Guangzhou, Yeah!
4. Since I have bought Caraval, the second and third book that Im planning to pre ordering ACOWAR and Harry Potter Limited Edition from BookaliciousMY. It will arrive on May btw.

5. I’ve rearranged my March’s TBR books which gonna includes:

6. I’m planning to do a series about My Photography Routine, cause I have lots to says and it was full of facts, I hope my reader does not get dizzy with it cause Im such a noob when it comes to delivering facts. 😅
7. I also planning to move Hundred Pages into WordPress. Me and my partner in crime currently working on it by testing it locally first, if things are okay and good to go then we will be moving into WordPress sooner, This weekend I spending a lil bit time to survey any drolling templates available on the internet.
8. I’ve been contacting my bbffs to do a collaboration review with me, just to spark our review routine once in a while and stay tunes tho! 😀

9. I’ve been trying using Grammarly recommended by Afifah, and it works like a magic.

What have you planned for the upcoming weekend?