Kaison Haul | Sweet Corn and Creamy

Yesterday I have spend my quality time with my gal, the very reason why I ask her to drive me to IMAGO was because I have a need to be full filled on Kaison. So far that I know, Imago’s Kaison was the biggest outlet in Sabah, and Imma just a girl who have few things to buy. 

⫸Bouquet of Flower

Its weird that actually I have decide to buy lavendar colour of flower but end up with yellow + orange. It was just so warm and indeed it is wonderful. Kind of rustic feel like that and I like it. 

⫸ A pot of wild flower

I’m not really an expert in flower therefore I dont know what will it called, is it wild flower of grass flower? But sure it is beautiful. 

⫸ Potpourri
Bought it for the rustic effect flower. Im kind of a girl who loves exotic or dead things. Muahahaha.
⫸ Wool Pillow’s cover
I can resist on how much soft were this things, I’ll make sure the give it a good used.
⫸  Dry flower
Some of dry flower again, obviously I love dead and living things. Dry was between it, so yeah. 
⫸ Star Light String
I just love this stuff so I bought it.
Would you guys guess what am I about to do with all of these stuff? 😁
Imma just a fan of light string, Im glad I’ve found it on Kaison.