My Top 3 Favorite Tapastic Comics

Hey guys have a great weekend. Do have that feeling that you need to dose yourself with something light but does not required a lot of work to make it happen? Or you just a person who glued to their phone all along and decide to reach on something fresh and new rather than that boring everyday feed? Well, I have that just on the go application for you.

Well, in spite of that, these were my favorites comics that I read online for free on Tapastic (I used the apps version) :

1. Silent Horror

There is no absolute start and end but the moment of horror. 

Silent Horror consist of short episode that will make the most of goosebumps out of you. I am a fan of horror story but this one kind of artistic itself. Sometimes it will be just another horror story and the other time it will be totally insane that knock your mind out kind of story. I enjoy every bit of it and if you are a horror fan you’ll enjoy it too. πŸ˜€ 

2. Pucca : What’s Yours Is Mine

Pucca, the daughter of a Chinese noodle restaurant owner; once a carefree 10 year old girl, now a wild teen of 15! She’s been known to constantly bother her boyfriend Garu, trying to steal a kiss any chance she gets..But this time, she doesn’t seem to be so interested; is it possible she’s given up? Another has stolen her heart, finally showering her with the affection she desires…could it be love, or just a ploy..?Based on the famous icon “Pucca” the little girl in red with buns in her hair. Pucca: What’s Yours is Mine, is a tribute to the many cartoon episodes I adored as a teen, and only the start of many Comics to come.

Pucca was always my favorite cartoon when I was a little kid, and this version from LittleKidSin was a mature version of Pucca’s life. It was soooo romantic and also giving you slightly thrill of enjoyment to know what happen next. This episode nail the tribute of Pucca and I’m totally into it.

Short creepy/horror stories narrated by Nene. Turn on sound, grab a cup of tea and enjoy.

These were the episode narrated by Nene, a child which eerie kind of living with paranormal creatures, it was actually creepy episode, but what I like most on these episode, it will have that bonus part in between every episode which actually features the ‘other’ part of how the paranormal creatures behave, and its actually warm my heart a little bit. That is why I keep myself update with these stuff, another vibes of eerie but heartwarming version of paranormal reading. It is actually a great story to read while having your cuppa tea and cookies perhaps? Hehe.  

Here is a bonus version of Pucca Shorts, oh I love that cartoon so much. πŸ˜€

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Do you read on Tapastic? Then what is your faves? πŸ˜€