January Post

Its first Saturday of January and it definitely deserve a blog post. 
My January Read. Wohoo.
1. January is the beginning of my new career in the same industry with a bit addition on job scope. I need to plan, sort some things, changing so much rules in order to smooth whatever challenges ahead. It was a deep and requires a lot of mental energy to do so, cause not everyone like or cheer the changes that we (as the team) made. I guess we just agree with the fact that changes and challenge is good, and no other way we can face them unless we are the one who find them and make chaos. This is war! 

2. I have dilemma in completing my reading challenge in 2017. In achieving 100 books per year, I need to read at least 8-9 books a month. Sometimes I overthinking about it cause I’m afraid I dont have the right materials to read like reading too much about investigation stories does not bring you any help on the business areas, To think of it the another way round, why not I add some non-fiction books into it so I can still learn how to be the person I wanted to be which the same way in completing 2017 reading challenge because that is what I wanted to be. Yeay!
3.  I have completed two books so far on January, which were The Girl On The Train and The Girl With All the Gifts. For the yellow book, I just cant stand how eager I am to unfold the next page. There’s a moment where I felt like  ‘okay, im done with this, lets put the book down’ but then you realize there’s gonna be another 3-7 pages before the next chapter so you be like ‘well… maybe just another pages’.
Lol, because this book was so addicting and even seducting me to read. Grrr. So then there was the story where I complete my #2 reading of the year. Haha. 
4. I just cant wait to read A Court of Thorns and Roses. But it need to stay on the que. This month I have 2 book series need to be completed. Like the picture above. Last night I have this feeling on just wondering around Popular, just to see if they were selling books that I have in mind? I was searching for The Program by Suzanna Young because I was so fascinated reading Hotel For The Lost and wanna give a try on her other books, but yet dissapointed because her other books does not available on the outlet. 
5. Im tired of reading paranormal and mystery and thrilling books so I bought Zodiac by Romina Russell for a changing of genre a bit. The cover was soo beautiful. Its time for Sci Fi! 
6. Sorry for the long post but here’s a potato. :3 
7. What are your planning for the first 2017 weekend? Where would you go? 😎