Various Way to Achieve That One Goal

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Hello there readers. Suddenly I remember about a thing which only now I realize its has interesting kind of story line.
I have many mentors in photography and some of them were my main influences in producing my very own picture. I gain many tips and tricks from them, both direct and indirect learn, one of it is..
On that day, i’ve been mentoring by two photographers who have well known experience on photography field.
I will called them Mentor A and Mentor B. The output were the same kind of rustic, lifestyle feeling injected. They were excellent in art of seeing and thus have their own workflow in post processing their photos.
Original Photo by which offers rustic + lifestyle kind of photoshoot. 
Mentor A is the first person showing me how usually he post process his photos. His workflow consist of increasing contrast, and decrease in shadow. But..

..for Mentor B, on the contrary has vice versa working flow from Mentor A. He increase in brightness and decrease in shadow without adjusting contrast. But the final products, its almost the same kind of ‘feeling’ injected.

Tokyo <3
Feel – that word of expressing photos nowadays.
From that experience I realize that, to achieve your goal, it doesn’t matter what path you choose, as long you have your own way that ease your workflow hence increase your productivity without affecting its quality value. 
Till then, you can give what we called value itself to your customer. – Working with Borneo T-Shirt always taught me this. The vitality of value. 
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Till then, sayonara.