3 Simple Tips To Nail On Your Interview

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Can you relate between product of the company and the value they give to their customer?
These is local t-shirt branding. Do you see what message they were telling people? 

I know that there are more than hundreds job interview tips out there but some people just too nervous and make them forgot some the even basic but crucial things on the interview. Well, these are the easy tips to plan what are the things you gonna feature in front of your future employer. 

Got the tips from previous experience in my own interview and as an interviewer also. 
1. First Impression
First thing first, first impression is crucial, so dont ignore things like having a smart casual dress code when you walk into an interview. Always put your smile on your face and dont left it at home. People do judge. Just make sure to lead their perspective of you into the bright side.

2. Dig Information of Your Future Company
Common question are, “Of all the companies in the world, why do you choose our company?”. For me, the perfect answer is not saying that because of your passion into business, seeking ways to improve yourselves, because that was not the perfect answer. The suitable answer for me because you see the ‘value’ of that company. So digging into a little deep information might give what it takes to satisfy the interviewer. Never underestimated even the smallest info such that who organize the company and how they handle problem – if you ever encounter. 
3. Know What Are The Offered Position
I know that different company have their own specification on job scope, but to be a kind of advance, you need to know at least the basic things of the position offered such as; objective of the work, what problem does it solves, how can it benefits to the company. Hence, you can relate yourselves in that position, how you handle it, maybe from your experience or from your theory, both can work.
So these are the basic tips that not entirely covers the interview but it may recruit you with all the top key information that the interviewer need. You think why do future employer need to interview you? Its simple, they just want to know how will their future partner look like. šŸ™‚

Dont get nervous easily and trust yourself and what you believe. ^^

Happy Independent Day Malaysia. šŸ™‚