Assalamualaikum wbt, 
Have a thought of this matter today. Frankly said, I am here as a business partner to my company itself because I’m happen to be the right person at the right time. 
Lately I realize that I have little time or in another perspective does not utilize all the free time I had. It is all very exhausted and I put it aside so I gain control of myself. I remember the first time I step in into the company where I see the opportunity to be “kuli-kuli” before jumping in into my own business. 

A years and a half later I realize that to stand on your own business is not an easy path if you dont have strength of your own. For me, the core things that make my current company strong is because of teamwork, and a value that I’m very much appreciate. Its not easy tho, and I’m totally grateful to be on the team. 
There was this story in Aishah Madidiy books, where the main character being selfish not to help a woman who had been accused as a the-‘w’-words by some guys. The main character initially just want to left that girl with her problem and walked away, but the girl pull his shoulder and demand he is her husband. Then the main character walked her home for her own safety purpose. 
The moment I reckon this story, I began to think, that whenever Allah wants goodness for us, He’ll choose to give it in an unthinkable way, even at that time we refuse it. Lets have it this way, if He choose to wash our sin, then He’ll send beggars for us, so whenever we sincerely giving sadaqah to that beggars, He’ll forgive us. Its like He knows that we have so many sin and He want to help us wipe all that away. 
He is so Mercy and Wise right? Subhanallah. 
People, whatever you do know, it is all for your own best at that time, remember that its was never God who being cruel to you, it was always us who being cruel to ourselves. :3 – translate directly from malay. lols.    
Till then, adios.