What do you look for in a blog?

Hello there may you all have a wonderful day. There must be a day in your life when you are totally inspired by other blogger post right? And you just wanna spit that fountains of ideas from your mind. Well, lucky you cause the day is the day where I’m gonna spit all my ideas here. Well, a bit of I must said. The day where I have free-writer-block symptom. Lols. 
So, what do you look for in a blog? Every people have their own preference when reading other blog. Frankly, this is mine. 
1. Good content

I really enjoy reading blog post that I have similar experience on it. Its like deja vu all over again. Only this time maybe I can provide how to overcome the same struggle or just jotted down my two cents (by writing in the comment sect). Its like a chance for you to know the other blogger life and how you react to them in more nicer way right? It is actually vital for me that a blog need to have a good content, because I get picky when it comes to following others. *peace*
2. Last post
I need to know how often the person updated their blog in order to trust that it is actually got living people in there. Well a month in between is kind of ok but a year a post? Hmm I better just leave my footprints there, see if s/he coming back on the other year. :3 
3. Nice template
I know I dont have a nice template to entertain your sight but I enjoy seeing other blog with responsive blogskin and beautiful pictures used. Its kind of into trend and it really melt your heart. Whose heart does not flutter with wonderful things correct?

So thats all for me. What do you look for in a blog btw?