Between Delegation & Empowerment

I find its harder to inspire people because I never been in a situation where I need to sit and motivate my other colleague regarding their productivity. But know I feel the need to be one even I dont wanted too. 
Hence I look up any possible answer in any books that I can read, but the result is somewhat does not clean the messed i’ve made. 
Earlier in the morning, I have a small chit chat with my dad, who happen to be kind of people that everyone like. I ask him how to motivate other people because I just happen to not know the solution?
He then advice me that I need to develop my soft skills, on how to motivate, how to manage risk, how to deal with perfectionist etc. 
He then told me that there are two typical things to look up on how to deliver task to your staff.  That is, delegation and empowerment skills.

1. DelegationIs how you give your employer a task, and at the same time you still monitor their progress.

2. EmpowermentIs how you give all the power to that employer, and s/he will responsible for any decision s/he made regarding how good or bad paths they choose.

He then add several other advice what to not do to other staff: 
1. Never judge other. Cause judging will limit their creativity in solving problems. Bear in mind whenever our employer solve matters, at that time they thought that was the perfect solution to that matters. It is always depends on us on how to guide their problem solving skills suitable for the company’s vision.
2. Create more positivity rather than bashing. Whenever we want to point mistake from someone, what best before that is point out their positivity first, tell them how much we gratitude their effort. This to made them feel they were a part of this and give them a sense of belonging and we only want best from them.
There is so much yet too many I need to learn in this path.. What matter the most is our niat right?
Someone tells me that whatever business we doin in this world is always between us and our Creator.. Whenever the hardship we face may Allah make us stronger than before. Aim high and dream high. Yet still a big big girl in a big big world tho. šŸ™‚