Who says in these technology eras people  have difficulities in finding their job? Well, as long as you have the will then you’ll find your way easily right?
Times is running fast, people get old quickly. Here i am at Starbuck wondering around the hussle bussle I’ve been through in these few weeks.
I have a friend who works remotely as a programmer. He can choose where he want to do his work depending on the mood (or wheather?). Again, i see how he utilize the technology for his own benefits.
The ugly true is you just need to move faster cause personal message on someone does not bring you instant result. Time consume in between will be much longer than we expected.
Cause people have their own way to spend their time, and not all the time they’ll be available beside their phone/desktop.
What I really meant is sometimes technology bring the benefits for us but of course with limitation, so does human. =)