Book Review of The History of Hilary Hambrushina by Mernie Lamb | Worth The Second Chance For A DNF Book


Publisher : Iguana Books | Author : Marnie Lamb | Goodreads Summary | Genre: Young Adult Contemporary | E book Format got from NetGalley | 193 Pages | English | Rating : ★★★★★

Wait, let me rearrange this words (on my mind) to explain this book that made me rates them 5/5 star.

Well, it has a moral value (checked),

it was real as intimate in real life (checked)

and IT MADE ME CRY AND WANT TO SWALLOW IT (super checked!)

I was actually DNF the book after reading like first 10 chapters because it was too childish and so naive, it does not meet my expectation in curiosity or even thrilling along the way. But then, this one night I was so bored and decide to give this particular book a second chance by reckon on how Mernie writes this book, it was supposed to be a light reading… but then..


The process was just so beautifully twisted and now I love every bit of it!

Hilary Hambrushina early life described.

I’m thinking the idea that Mernie putting Hilary as the narrator herself, giving us the freedom to play with our imagination, that makes me (especially me of course) feels like its Hilary herself writing this autobiography. I admit that the first phase of this book was kind of numb and boring.

Its just a story about primary school girl who gonna be in her junior high school girl who apparently just so childish, totally reckless and obsess with popular and cool kid and try everything to be like just like them (this thought actually killing me and I must warn you it sticks to the end of the book, but worry not it will be sink as the chapter goes as like reading Flawed all over again)

After Hilary meet Kallie

This is where I began to love Kallie character, despite her nerdy and weird behavior I began to relate there is so much mutuality of a good characters that I actually admired within a person. But still she is human beings, who have flaws and also is Hilary.

After Lynn comes home, entering Junior High and Hilary moment

I know it was a bit fast pace in describing every critical and silent moment (I used to describe the moment like doing nothing and enjoy the moment as silent – as I like to imagine it, but of course it does not happen in books or did it? *winking*). Argh I reckon how my heart thumbing so hard till I felt im gonna blow my brain because pumping so much blood to digest the content.

How the chapter end

It was a process of healing from a nightmare. A struggle to know who you truly are, and embrace the worst and accept what cant be change. Only to born again as a new person who are free and nothing ever again can stop you back, because the only matter is not what other thinks about you, its about you who thinks about yourself.

Positivity do come from influence of other but if the influence have a bad signal (like tv) then the only positivity that can be made is from within – our own mental and mind.

I can relate so much about Hilary character as I feel she is like myself who used to be not so sure in life, so naive, like to follow trends so she can be notice. She does not even understand that she does not need to be somebody else rather then herself (cause girl, everyone already had been taken – so be yourself).

Notes for the author;

Thumbs up for Marnie Lamb for this beautifully written book. I notice how much people actually DNF it at the first chapter (cause trust me it was just so lame, all the childish stuff, I think at that time, only children may enjoy by reading this). Thank God i’ve given your book a second chance if not I’ll not realize how wonderful this story was – It Made Me Cry! :’)

Do you have any character that you can relate with you so much?