3 Free Online Books To Help You Write Better

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Lately I’ve been investing my time reading several how-to-write-a-novel/book kind of materials.
The main key of a good stories for me is the main character development. How to put that into words is what I search for, in a matter to not dragging it too far from the core content of course. So, I really need some useful materials to help me improve. Yep, its a book. 😛
My stories yet so far from completing, but first lets enjoy these three books I red and found it useful from Wattpad, its free btw. Its does not really have to apply on writing books only, but also on blogging and generate ideas for quality articles. Who does not like how-to-write-better books right?

1. 11 Tips to Increase Your Writing Productivity

2. How To Become A Better Writer

3. Who Am I? Exercises to prevent your character from having an identity crisis
Happy Eidul Adha everyone.
Am currently on climax part of One Small Act of Kindness by Lucy Dillon and will post review about it later. 
Btw, you have some how-to-write-better books to recommend? 😀 
Till then, chao.