Book Review | Little Basket 2017(New Malaysian Writing)

Hello there everyone, may you have a wonderful day cause I have, Amiin. I was into this book since I first saw it in the bookstore. I was not a fan of Fixi novel cause I have a skeptical view about it, the kind of stories they serve etc but I was thinking if I spend too much just by hearing what other had said about the book without ACTUALLY READING it so my judgement cant be trusted. Besides, I havent met any review regarding Fixi novel was except the skeptical-that-had-been-dnf by some of my friends.

So here I am making a review, a honest review on what was this book about.

First Impression

The pink color was so soft, and the Malaysian kueh looks so delicious in matching up the contrast of the book. I fell in love on its book cover from my first sight. So, it was a collection of writing from fellow Malaysian with the title ‘New Malaysian Writing’. This was interesting, I am a Malaysian, and I need to know what they think about the title.

We let the authors decide what new Malaysian writing meant. What they have came up with surprised us. – Nova Fixi

The Content

The content for me as satisfying, is like reading a newspaper article on its ‘leisure part’, that part where you have what will be showing on tv tonight, the comic sections, some short story fictions to slow down our mind before continue stuffing it with facts.

The kind of reading that never in my perspective before. Some of the writing had a bold opinion in critics our social life. Some of them was so dark blended in a humor situation. Most of them my fave was TOK KOK: Dissecting Toleransi. It was a short stories about two friends dialogue each other about religion (they have differ religion), but basically I enjoyed most of them.

Agreed that it was not been written in a nice word but it have its own voice.

Why you should read it?

Its a new perspectives on seeing other Malaysian, I mean we lives in a diverse multiracial, we still learn in understanding each other.