Recipe of Happiness : Expect less, love more.

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Photo taken on Lil Work Wed-grapher workshop. ^^

Life had been a struggle for all of us, some times we may get very depressed even on a tiniest thing on earth. There’s been a day on my primary school, growing as the only child may make me a kind of stone-head, selfish and perhaps like to attract attention more especially from my parents. Eventho I spend most of my time with them but that never stop me to gain their attention. 

Also there is been a day where when I think I have my best friends, attached together, turn out to be I demand more kindness from them and when I cant found any I just ditch them down. Its really am my fault, the nature of being an introvert, no good at making friends. Broke my own heart I say. 
Until that one day where I really reflect myself from people that I’ve taken care for. I realize that we cant expect them to content our heart, as the one who really deserve our heart is our God. No other God but Him. There, I began to open my eyes and searches, remember all of others kindness towards me, and may that conceal and blind me from their flaw. 
We are not flawless by the way, we makes mistake. The ugly truth but we must endure it. As world made for us, but us made for Heaven. 
๐Ÿ™‚ Be strong. Have faith. Keep moving on.