An Art of Sarcastic

Assalamualaikum wbt,
Heiyo people.
There is this one day at office where you feel so weary and all you want to do is to have some nap to gather your energy back. You lie down on the rest section, glancing at the ceiling, eyes began to see stars and next time you realize you’ve fallen in your doze. Its all seems perfect.. until..
Someone called you by the name in the most sharp voice ever enough to shot your eyes open. 
You wake yourself forcefully and realize it was your boss called after you. He then assign you with a task. Tho you feel your head are quite dizzy, but the task need to be done.
Bosses in my company have their own way to encourage their staff to finish our work in time and in the most applicable yet a simple way available. 
Its like solving a case of Sherlock Holmes stories, where you will see the truth in crystal clear after you eliminated unrelated facts. First and foremost you need to know which one is the unrelated fact.
In our work environment, our scope of job is our main priority, hence best to finish it before any other job. 
So after a long day working, lets finish with LAN party! Dota times! Lols.

Imma still noob and I Dazzle is my dominate. Lols.