Coffee Talk : I Can Choose Who I Want To Be

I rarely have this thought but who else here get so busy with their life and often takes the time for ourselves for granted.

Most people think that being alone was being away from humans and gadgets, but surprisingly this are the time when you have so many ideas you want to throw it out all at once. This is happening to me right now.

As I sat on Starbuck reading my weekly book to read (currently : Someone’s in My Head by Steven Steel) a Wattpad debut writer.

Then I thought for myself…

I actually had been dnf (did not finish and didnt want to continue) this book after reading ACOWAR. Funny how our brain cant switch quickly between a book. I used to feel that this book will not bring the hype compared to ACOWAR. Pfft how cheap my thinking at that time.

So, I remember those time I discover who Anna Lee used to be..

If you are a Prolog Media fan like Siqahiqa, you’ll know she’s a fan of Anna Lee – a malay writer. Anna Lee’s pieces can be put into a not average story that you’ll read from a malay writer. I meant, if you are being sceptical (like me) believing that all malay novel consist of old malay sinetron (half side love story, love between upper and lower class people, kahwin kontrak, etc), well Anna Lee is one of a kind. I heard (or read) from Siqah that her pieces got that plot twist jackpot 😁 – I devote my life on a plot twist book.

Ahh well, so I wanted to read her pieces, as always I searched on Goodreads to see what other people said about her books. Suprisingly, she’s also known as Julia Esqa, one of the writer from a my childhood book I’ve read. Puteri Karla.

Reminiscing Puteri Karla stories..

I cant really recall what the book was about, but yes it is a simple book and does not really met my expectation level in fantasy. At that time im not really an avid reader so I cant compare much and just giving away stars without saying about it in my own perspective (you’ll know this if you read my review on the link below). That time my perspective was driven from other people review. I may say I like this book at first but then whenever I saw how other people review it (bashing etc) I’ll say the opposite of my first choice. Lols, im an easy perspective changer person. 😂😂😂

Oh here’s my review for the book : Book Review : Puteri Karla, it was written six years ago. Ha ha ha, so pardon my childish self.

So thats concludes what happen of my mind..

I always have this uneasy feelings especially when I become a Ceo’s, I always doubt myself for being a good one compared to my partner. I know there is always room for improvement, but the ways is often uncertain, it takes hardship and pain (a lot) to achieve it. I even wonder myself will all this worthy at the end? Will I even safe here and hereafter? Sigh..

People make decision. Once I thought Julia Esqa will never be a good writer judging from how she writes Puteri Karla. But look where she is right now – im proud of her tho she never knew who I was.

The first step always the hardest. In example here the current book I read, I may compared it with other book just by judging its first chapter. But, my judges and my view will not effect the writer to become better in the future – if s/he have a focus vision.

We all have our point of start somewhere, always a beginner at somewhere, but sooner or later we will become skilled in our profession. A professional begins with an armature themselves.

So why not begin now? Its hard, of course its hard, but the end? Its always worth it if we can give something to the community.

That is our very own experience.

I can be whoever I want, I can be a designer, I can be a writer, a full time blogger. But at this era, I decide to be a Ceo’s, the kind of person who understand her flaw but continue to learn and do her best in every circumstances. Its okay to hurt a bit, cause who doesnt?

We are on our own time line after all.