Laini’s Homestay:A Very Nice Place To Be

There is always this moment where you treasure it so much and wanted to relive that moment over and over again. But we also know that we cant have the same moment twice and yet the best way to reminisce that moment is by keeping pictures. Lots of them *winking*.

On 10 Syawal me and my four crazy friends decided well quite last minute plan (and it works like charms) to going beraya into one of my friend’s friend (lols – mind you) in Kg Melangkap, Kota Belud. Till this day I never regret our visit there.

Kg Malankap, situated in Kota Belud have a terrific view of the great Mt Kinabalu. Just look at this stunning picture.

We visited my friend’s friend who actually an owner of a family homestay & ice cream shop in Kota Belud and what we discover was more beyond that.

Us on the Tagal area

The homestay which situated near the owner house was indeed a strategic place for many outdoor activities which include the Flying Fox length 300m across the Malangkap river, the Malangkap river itself with the best cold and clear water to bath & recreation, Tagal Spa (a swarm of fishes that you can give food and they’ll massage your feet), the magnificent view of Mt Kinabalu and many more.

There is no regret and obviously, I and my friends have very wonderful memories back there and I found it hard to move on from that day till know (kinda have everyday blues in work and I hope I can get it through sooner).

Here is the detail about Laini’s Homestay as June 2018


Thats all for now and see you soon! ๐Ÿ˜€