Dare to fail?

Assalamualaikum wbt,
There is so much I want to update, but I have these one symptom lately and not yet been cured. I have these eyes twitching problem (mata berkedip-kedip). Therefore, I decide to rest my eyes a bit from exposing so much in front of lappy or smartphones.

Hence, this post is about, let say, a reflect?

Last Monday after completing my reading on Bits Of Heaven, suddenly I have so much reason to take a moment and reflecting myself, which I supposed a good change itself. 

This are my way home that always busy with traffic jammed. I have a stone heart that I almost didnt felt the hardship of getting home. 
Here lay, my Yoyo drink and my 10% broken smartphone.
And yeah, Mr Frog also inter frame.

Everyone of us like to improve themselves, but not many have found the right way to doing so. Should people just go with it and risking everything to achieve what so they called a success?

I’ve been reading one of article that mentioned several things that entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of, and the first and top the list is failing. Ha ha.

I’m sorry people, being in these areas, I realize that every entrepreneurs are afraid to fail. Yes, a bitter true, but will you know why? Or do you even dare to ask why?

Well, because haunted by the risk of failing that makes them a true entrepreneurs cause a fail themselves are the reason where they need to dig more, research more, searching, finding every possible way to make their idea successful instead of failing.

So again, dare to fail?

Dare to fail only if you find a right path to not make the same mistakes again. 

Al-Fatihah to my granfather’s brother in law (Datuk Muda) that passed away on the previous Thursday. He’s been a good man in his life, a loving father and a wise man.