Bits of Heaven | A Book Review

Assalamualaikum wbt,

It was never my intention buying this book, I guess how I manage to buy and red this book is a miracle itself. I reckon spending an hour in Popular only to realize that I didn’t even brought anything, another hours later I went back to the same bookshop and manage to get this one unintentionally. What a coincidence isn’t it?
So, Bits of Heaven, I must say, I’ve been looking for a book like this which are not only beautifully written but also relies on how to deliver the facts itself. Make it live able and accepted in reality. That kind of injecting life into a book (err?).

“How do you value truth, Akeed?”“It’s part of virtues which I value more than everything else.”“Including your own life?” I sat mute.“We are now running against the clock. We’ve got to move fast, got to get everything cleared out.”I was confused.“Don’t be easily distracted. The truth is not simply visible to the naked eyes, not anymore. When people believe so much in media reports, history itself may conceal the truth. Only the chosen ones can see.”
Akeed Yahya is a PhD student at the Ohio University, United States of America. His objective in life is to discover the authentic essence of virtues through his involvement in watchdog journalism. Having faced great ordeals during this journey, like being shot in the city of Fallujah in the Iraqi al-Anbar province, there are two traits he cannot simply brush aside – tender solicitude and persistent inquisitive nature. These traits have driven him to travel to the Middle East to contend with some hard-truths about Egypt’s conflict and the aftermath of the Iraq War.
Akeed’s dauntless journey explores every aspect of journalism, philosophy and religion. The book is an interesting read for those who yearn for something with a different twist.

A serious matters deliver in a form of fiction book was a brilliant idea ever. I never thought that I can digest facts easily rather than having a headache reading some newspaper writing. Upss.
I must say people nowadays are not really conscious about valuing the truth of a person/event happen, some of them blinded by what the social media babbling about, tho it was not report truthfully. This book discuss this matter with broad minded without affecting the actual virtues quality of a person.
The main character are bold and strong (I’m impress!), sometimes just too good to be true, until the end of the stories where writer want us to know every people experience difficulties in their own journey and it always depends on our perspective whether the road we all taken worth the hereafter or not.
I love how faith value written in this book. Its just simply wonderful and amazing, it change my perspective a bit, in a good way I supposed. I felt its just a Hlovate-style of writing strikes my soul and mind again. Kudos sis Aisyah!
Rating : 4.5/5
I’m totally happy with this book. Thanks sis Aisyah.