#AyulRahmanWorkshop | My Very Own and Deep Personal View

Assalamualaikum wbt,

The things I learned from ARWW (by observation), when indoor, look for the light source available, once you recognize it, shoot your flash on the darker side so that you can illuminate subject in front of your camera to ‘feel’ the light sources.

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Ayul repeatedly said about ‘feel’ of the flash, the tighter you shoot your subject the more intense ‘feel’ you’ll creates. Along the workshop my biggest fear is that I cant catch up or even knowing the ‘feel’ what I’m supposedly feel. 

Then after the workshop abg Ab Rahman told me not to worry whether I catch it up or not, within the journey I’ll find what I need, what I supposedly feel. 
Deep in my heart, yeah, I’m truly agree, after all the nervous and worry feelings plus I don’t have the gear (I forgot to buy external flash cause the day seems to passed very faster!), its just the matter of doing the best while you can at that very moment. 
You see, sometimes when we are typing in keyboard, looking up in the internet or FB-ing, or even entertain our customer, we rarely aware that what we do at that very moment cost the minutes after that. Do you get it? 
My point it, why don’t we just cherish what we do at that moment? Tomorrow is still a mystery, it may not comes to us, if we were gone what are the value we’ll leave at this world? Will it be benefits the future us? 
People said, photographer captures the moment, but I must said, we capture ‘ourselves’ at that very moment. At least, it will remains after us.

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So this year is the year, the journey of finding my own photograph characteristics, people said, every pictures had it color, if you truly an observer, you’ll know which pictures belong to which photographer (p/s this works too if you are their biggest fans, lols). 

Till then, three words for #ayulrahmanphotography : Simplicity, Brotherhood, Passion.