I’m sorry if my commenting system hurting or killing you!


Hello again anda semua. Currently i’m working on my profile introduction to change my profile information in [ICHIGO]. Aha, tengok bawah derr~

Lakaran lakaran jemari yg tidak seberapa kreatif ini. Wakaka. Childish ni me tgk. –“
I’m trying to make it in .jpeg format for easier to me customize it. Yeah I like things like clicking and dragging stuff like that. Someone says to me ‘arts is imitating’. And please oh please don’t curse me because i’m not using Photoshop, I can’t afford one, although I have the installer, yeah you know, already end of trial. –‘
Dan kawan aku pernah tanya about.. 

C ema yg tanya why??? :3

And also this commenting system bother me a little, so, you can see now that my commenting system using Disqus.com. I’m using it because I’d like my friends who does not have blogger account to comment using their fb’s or twitter’s. But, just know I realized that I don’t receive the notification for new comments, so I checked back Disqus dashboard, to investigate (mcm dtective gitu, wakakaka) the problems. Jadi problem dia sudah selesai lah kunun, because me didn’t checked ‘need to moderate all comments’. So problems solved! 
I’m sorry if my commenting system hurting/killing you. Hehehe. :3 
Notification is important to keep update about your blog post imformations. Let say ada org komen post kamu yg lama2 so takut kita tidak ternampak, then manatau komen dorang tuh berunsur pertanyaan. Berkulat lah pertanyaan tuh nnti sbb tiada jawapan. Mehehe. 
P/s : Go visit Emma Karina’s blog, she have tutorial on how to lentikkan bulu mata guna Vaseline. Interesting! ^^