My Book Photography Routines Part 1 | How I Captured My Photos

Hello you, have a good day. Oh gosh I’ve been keeping this post on my draft like forever. Surprises today is the day. No professional claimed, just an armature and how I love to share how I capture my pictures and maybe have an improving comments for myself. There is no hurt in sharing right?

Just so you know, I have a very and very simple photography routines. Since its consist much of theories and practical I decide to break it into parts. Hence today gonna be that part on how I capture my photos. Tho actually most of my capturing style had been explained on 7 Essentials Tips From Professional Photographer That I Applied On My Photography. This time i’m gonna focus deeply into practical and the exact setting on my camera and how I photograph my pictures to put on my site as well as my Instagram.

(most of photo I uploaded here appear to be underexposed because its SOOC. :D)

Lets wait no more;

1. Some useful tool I use

❥ Mirrorless Camera. Sony A6000 – my fave!
❥ Interchange lens – I own two : 1.8f/50mm (bokeh lens) and 3.5-5.6f/16-50mm (standard lens)
❥ My subject (the books) and some elements to brighten up the subject.

2. When I take my pictures

Usually I take my pictures early in the morning (7.30~8.00 am) and late in the evening (4.30~6.00pm). I choose that time cause I love how smooth the light and shade formed at this time, that not too harsh and spiky. I do photography at night too, since I have light string – it was so addicting tbh.

I’ve been snapping it in the afternoon. Shutter speed quite high to alter light when entering the lens. F/2 50mm 1/4000s ISO-160. But sometimes this spiky light could bring you advantages. 😀

Photography is all about light and shadow.

3. Setting up the camera

Instead of how much I like the light and the shade what I like the most is how perfect that available light match with the camera setting. I can alter how much light that I want to be on my camera with the existence of light.

Yepss thats right we are getting into the iso, shutter speed & aperture thingy.

Here’s the cheat sheet from mommatography

For exposure, I like to have my pictures a lil bit underexposed but I dont  set it from the exposure ruler. I often control light using shutter speed & ISO. Read below.

❥In shooting a single subject, first I must get my aperture point fixed early (that blurred/ bokeh effect).

Say that I want the background to be slightly blurred but does not eaten out all the details so I set the focal point with 2.0F, just enough to focus that details area. I like to think that bokeh effect works like a straight line, all the things that are perpendicular to the camera lens focus point will popping out. Its also work as a circle.

❥ Then I’ll adjust my shutter speed & ISO mainly for the objective letting in the correct light intensity.

Mainly I’ll used shutter speed : 1/60 above so I wont get non sharp pictures (detailing is crucial).

For ISO : I’ll used ISO600 below, depends on my surrounding light.

P/s : I got to admit it takes time to master this fundamental, what I show you just the basic routine I used on shooting my subject indoors, it can be differ depend on the surrounding, highly advise to learn this fundamental topic more on the internet and do not hesitate to ask me if you have further questions regarding this. ^^

4. Setting up The Subject

Before I captures my own photo I’ve already set in my mind what are the site that I’ll upload this photo. If I’ll upload it on the Instagram, then a few adjustment must be made such that considering the area that needed to be crop to fit the 1:1 square ratio. 

This one had been edited early. 😀 but notice how I adjust the cropping rectangle.

In term of shooting the subject, as a background I have a card board foam wrapped with white texture present paper. Then I placed my board nearby the window so I can get most of the  sunlight.

This been photograph on late noon. Realise how spiky the sunlight was?

To begin with, I placed the book/s and begin to add a few elements that may help to make the picture live-able before snapping it. I’ll move my camera near and far accordingly, tilting it a bit (for now I just love tilting it), capture it from above, shifting side by side till I get what I think enough to be proceed on editing.

Vary your angle, come close, or set a distance.


SOOC pictures. Be intimate as possible with your subject. Shoot as many as you like till you satisfy. Hehe.

So that basically the routine on how I take my photography. Its really simple right? Hahaha. Its too good to be true, too hard to believe but trust me, I’ve read and watch thousands of tutorial photographer that do the same exact routine. I guess what makes it different is how we watch our subject, from my experience it can be learned, it can be polish, just take all the time you have, and be patient.

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